Review of Thule Chariot Cougar 2 Carrier

Thule Chariot Cougar 2 Carrier is perfect for year round outdoor family fun.  It converts from jogging stroller, to bike trailer, to cross-country ski chariot. For a family that likes to get outdoors and is usually going ‘off-road’ the Cougar 2 by Chariot is the perfect way to add versatility to our travels.

The Cougar 2 also comes in the 1 version, for a single passenger. But, we usually always have a buddy with us, so we opted for the 2, to accommodate two passengers. We have both the strolling kit (included with the initial purchase) and the biking kit, which is a simple switch for another family adventure.


Thule Chariot Cougar 2 Carrier

What we thought ROCKED:

The easy conversion of the stroller from strolling to biking function is so simple. It’s so simple even I can do it, which is saying something because I never read directions. Things need to be intuitive for me to be able to just look at them and reason how it works. The Cougar 2 with the biking conversion arm was that easy for me. The conversion kit is less than $100.00, so it is pretty cost-effective once you have made the initial carrier purchase.



Crazy amazing quality is exuding from almost every part of the carrier. It pushes a lot more smoothly than our jogging stroller, which happens to be a pretty good one for a little off-roading fun. We also LOVE that it has other conversion kit options like hiking (harness for the parent to become something akin to a sled dog) and a cross-county skiing kit for winter fun. This conversion kit costs about $285.00 but allows you to hike and ski, making this a truly versitle, all-year carrier for family fun!



The large wheels allow you to cover some ground that you wouldn’t otherwise with a ‘city’ stroller.


The cross-country conversion kit was EASY to transition in the winter. It is just a few tension pegs that you pop in and out to connect the new skis to the bottom of the carrier. The harness is really well-padded and the bars connecting it to the carrier hooked up just as easily as all of the other connections we had made with various interchangeable kits for the Cougar 2.



The handle bar is cushioned which originally I did not think would matter to me, but upon our maiden walk, it was amazing to feel the difference in shock-absorption and overall comfort.



The “cab” of the carrier has really great, comfortable, high-quality harnesses for two kids to ride safely and with cozy comfort. It is also roomy enough to bundle kids up for spring and fall bike rides or if you were to have the cross-country ski kit, for those winter runs.


What we didn’t LOVE:

The price is a not cheap (around $600.00) but you can tell when pushing the stroller or making a turn with your bicycle or as you slice through the snow, this is quality, so all is forgiven. Plus, the customer service is unmatched, as is expected from a division of Thule, Inc. *see next paragraph for the unmatched part!*

The clear plastic cover continues to annoy me. We will probably have to rig something up to keep it from falling off the bar where it is latched. There is not Velcro or any kind of closure, it just should ‘fit like a glove’ and sort of pop onto the frame, like a kayak spray skirt would. Only one corner does this. The other corner ALWAYS pops off. Nothing like walking through a trail on a summer night only to look down and see that the mosquitoes have been able to access your kiddo for the last fifteen minutes because of a large gap due to the cover malfunctioning. This is really our only gripe with the entire system or the company. The company contacted me right away when I addressed this issue, with possible causes, where the problem might be, and solutions including DIY techniques and the option to replace parts.  The customer service we receive continues to be top notch and we have been impressed with the company as a whole. You get what you pay for with this one!



Bottom Line:

We haven’t experienced this sort of quality with kids hiking and biking gear ever. It’s really great and you get what you pay for in this instance. The life of you carrier is prolonged by the fact that it IS so spacious AND that you can use it year around. I am comforted knowing that the safety mechanisms of the carrier are quality and made especially to haul precious cargo!


***I received this product to facilitate a hands-on review. That said, we love the Chariot Carrier and all its’ versatility. We were not compensated in any other way. Opinions are 100% honest and my own.***



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at 04/08/2014 03:36AM cjcolorado wrote:

I have to say that the Chariot Cougar 2 was a LIFESAVER for us not only after we had our daughter, but when her twin brothers arrived almost two years later. In all seasons we used that carrier–biking, walking, running, and mostly skiing. By the time my boys were too big for ours, we had, literally, thousands of miles on it. Their customer service is no joke, either. One time my husband was biking with the carrier behind him and a 10-year old boy swerved and hit one of the rear wheels, bending it. We e-mailed the company to ask where we could order a replacement and they sent us one for free! This is one of those gear items that I always, ALWAYS recommend to active families. I feel like the Chariot was a significant part of our lives for a solid 6 years!

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