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The Boba Baby Carrier improves on the little details that make a big difference. I have to admit, I’ve become quite obsessed with child carriers.  Not because I want to be carrying my 8 month old all the time (she’s our third), but more because I have a chronically bad back.  Anytime I have to lift her, it strains my back.  Yet, I am hopelessly stubborn about continuing to tote baby around. After all, there are two older brothers to run after, beaches to be explored, airplanes to be flown and beautiful hikes to be walked.  So, I continue in my search for great baby carriers that save my back and allow our family to continue our active lives.


Recently, I started using the Boba Baby Carrier.  It’s a front and back soft structured carrier similar to the well-known Ergo, but with some significant tweaks that make the Boba that much better.   Here’s what I like about the Boba.
Back support comes up higher.  The fabric that wraps around baby comes up a few inches higher on the Boba that most other similar carriers, providing better neck support as baby grows taller.  Honestly, I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference.  But I’m loving those extra inches because it allows my baby girl to sit more securely against my body which makes it really comfortable on my bad back. However, the biggest bonus is that I have more confidence in shifting baby into the back carry position without help.  I had given up trying to get my babies onto my back without help using the Ergo because it always felt precarious.  But with the Boba, the pouch is deep enough to provide that extra support and stability I need to make this awkward maneuver.



Chest straps pull the shoulder straps together comfortably.  One of the things I always found a little uncomfortable about the Ergo were the straps that keep the shoulder straps in place.  On the Ergo, the chest straps tend to make the shoulder straps bunch together, but on the Boba, the chest straps attach to the shoulder straps on the inner edge, pulling the shoulder straps together in a way that doesn’t cause any bunching at all.  Little details can make a difference, and in this case, it makes a huge difference. The positioning of the chest straps on the Boba are much easier to adjust, sliding easily up and down.  It’s a brilliant improvement.

Neat and Tidy.  Just like on the Ergo, the Boba has a hood you can pull out to keep your toddler’s head from bobbing back and forth when they fall asleep.  It snaps in place easily and there are several positions to accommodate a growing child since this carrier can be used up to 45lbs.  What I like about the Boba is that the hood folds into a small neat pocket that also serves as a sniff neck support when the hood is stuffed in it.

Fits many body types.  Kudos to the designers of Boba for the couple additional straps they have incorporated in the design that allow you to fine tune the fit of the carrier.  This carrier also comes with a longer waist and shoulder straps to fit just about any body type without extensions.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll have extra straps dangling all around you.  There are places to tuck them all away.

Foot-straps keep toddlers sitting in an ergonomic position. One big difference between the Boba and other structured carriers is that this is the only soft structured carrier that has footstraps that can be attached to the waist belt.  This allows your toddler’s tired legs to rest, and it supports their legs in an abducted (froglike) position which naturally tilts the pelvis and fills out the hip sockets, aligning your child’s soft spine.  My baby is still 8 months old, so I haven’t tested this feature out yet. Stay tuned.  I’ll add an update when I’ve had the opportunity to test this out.


New cute designs.  I have the black Boba, but I’m pretty excited to see the new Boba 3G’s with the fun fabrics, especially the Kangaroo.  Big thumbs up on all the new fabrics from your friends here at Trekaroo!

Well, with all these great features, this mom still has a couple of things on her wish list.  I would love a version of the Boba that has a extra piece of fabric like the Beco Butterfly that creates a pouch for baby to sit in.  This would really make me feel that much more confident about putting baby on my back without help.  I’d also love a bag to fold the whole carrier neatly into when traveling.  All those straps are a little unruly in my diaper bag.  Nonetheless, between you and me, and between the Ergo and the Boba, I say, Boba is the way to go!


*Disclosure:  I recieve a sample of the Boba Child Carrier to review, but no other compensation. The company did not request that I express any particular point of view, so always, these opinions are entirely my own.



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