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If you family is anything like mine, you hit the beach a few times in the summer. You drag out the beach chairs, the umbrella,the blankets,snorkel equipment, and boogeyboards and trudge to the shore for some wave fun. Lugging all of that stuff to the beach is folklore material. Enter the Surf Grip. The Surf Grip is billed as the ‘Worlds Smallest Body Board’. It is designed to not be so cumbersome either in or out of the water so it is easy to transport. It would be a great item to take along in a plane in place of the huge bodyboard for those faraway beach destinations. To use, the Surf Grip fits over your hands like boxing gloves. The foam material helps you to stay bouyant (NOT as a lifesaving device)to stay above water with flat sides to catch the waves while you body surf.

As my 10 year old twins have come into the age of ‘coolness’ we sometimes struggle with gear that will fit their style. The Surf Grip from Sick Performance Concepts LLC is definitely what my kids would call ‘sick’. Available in what can be described as snowboarding or skatboarding type graphics such as an open mouth shark or a wide frothy wave, the Surf Grips is sure to entice your body or boogie border to want to put down their bulky boards and try them out.

Essentially, your child stands in the water waiting for the wave as usual while wearing the Surf Grips. While catching the wave and wearing the grips with their arms extended in front of them, they can ride the wave and have a ton of fun.

This product is intended for teens,tweens and children who can bodysurf on their own so swimming skills are a must.(adults will have fun too!) Not a life-saving device.



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