Review of Skip Hop Meal-to-go Bento Diaper Bag

Over the years I’ve become addicted to strollers and diaper bags. However, since I’m not made of money, even though I’d love to own several, I can only afford to purchase one. So which one to choose? Tip: Don’t decide purely on looks alone! I once bought a Trumpette baby bag purely because it said “Boy” on the side. Guess what? After a month the zipper broke. I called the company and they immediately shipped me a new bag, and then that zipper broke after a week! Sheesh!
Skip Hop on the other hand, is top of class in every baby wielding category. Of all the diaper bags I’ve owned, no other brand outperforms Skip Hop in functionality, durability, and overall I couldn’t-live-without-it-ness. My Skip Hop diaper bag has paid for itself!




I’m currently rocking Skip Hop’s Bento Meal-to-go Diaper Bag. Here’s a quick rundown of its features:

  • Attaches to any stroller with Shuttle Clips
  • Insulated mealtime kit with food containers & freezer pack
  • 15 pockets to keep you organized (2 are insulated)
  • Removable shoulder strap/can be worn messenger-style
  • An insulated food compartment
  • Magnetic and zippered closures
  • BPA, PVC, and Phthalate-free
  • Comes with changing pad for changes on the go



My Skip Hop Bento Ultimate Diaper Bag is attractive, easy to carry, easy to clean, and doubles as lunch box. Before my Bento bag I used to travel with a small insulated cooler in addition to my diaper bag. How else could I keep milk bottles cold at the beach or at the park on a hot summer day? With the Bento bag, its innovative all-in-one design is all you’ll ever need.


You can tell a lot about a women from the contents of her diaper bag, here’s a sampling of what’s currently in mine:


1. Box of Animal Crackers

2. Pair of baby sunglasses

3. Complete change of clothes

4. Baby wipes

5. Portable DVD Player

6. Headphones

7. DVD’s

8. Two bottles of water

9. A ring pop

10. Goldfish

11. Travel pot of Petroleum Jelly


I haven’t even begun to utilize all of the space my Bento bag provides. It’s enough diaper bag for a mother of twins. I especially love how my Bento bag hangs from my stroller. No more bending down to wrestle my diaper bag out from underneath my son’s seat.



“Note: This article contains affiliate amazon links.”


I received a complimentary Bento Ultimate Diaper Bag from Skip Hop to complete this review, but all opinions are my own! Pinky Swear.


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