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A dry-land ski trainer I can fit in my boot bag and take with me in the car? How have I not known about this product until now? The SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer is simple, yet ingenius. It teaches kids (or adults) how they should feel on the snow…before they ever get there. What this means for parents: instead of trying to keep your kids’ attention when you’re instructing them on weight distribution and balance and turning when they’re out in the elements, do it while in your own living room! And if you don’t teach your kids to ski, but rather leave it to the pros, your kids will be more prepared before they get on skis.




The SkiA system simply fits to your ski boots (yes, they adjust). First, you slip the buckle system to the trainers, which are included. Then you fit the trainers to your ski boots. There’s an instruction manual that explains exactly how, but it’s easy if you have any experience with ski boots at all. You then adjust the heel straps, so you’re secure in the trainer, and tighten the front straps.


The trainers are designed to simulate balance on the snow, so start slow, with the first balance block (green). Subsequent blocks are blue, red, and black, similar to ski run levels. You’ll want to stand and find your center of balance on the blocks, by simulating a ski position (knees in front of toes, arms out). Parents: you’ll get a workout, though kids just find it fun (they’re annoying that way, aren’t they?).


As you adjust to how the trainer feels, you can add more movement, following exercises in the manual. Basically, the experience helps you understand what it SHOULD feel like when you’re skiing, so your body will be likely to adjust correctly on the snow. There’s nothing hard about the workout, and anyone can try it. While parents might use the trainer for dry-land training to build muscle tone or flexibility in the knees before ski season, kids will use it as a training tool, so they’re one step ahead once on the mountain.


The trainer packs down small, and can be adjusted and shared. What’s not to love? Pick it up at for under $70, and use it for multiple seasons!



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