Review of the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

The attractive and fun Schwinn Meridian is a party on wheels. Some of its highlights include:


  • Toosh friendly cruiser saddle
  • Easy to reach swept-back handlebars
  • A spacious folding basket that can accommodate groceries or even a pet



The Schwinn Meridian is a particularly good option for Grandma or Grandpa. The third wheel provides stability by preventing the bike from leaning over, eliminating your need to worry about Nana falling down.



As I’m not handy or experienced at bike assembly, I paid a small fee to have the Schwinn Meridian assembled at a bike store so I’d know it was built correctly.


Here’s what the bike store owner thought of the Meridian:


“The Schwinn Meridian is a great bike in all aspects except its axel is half the size of what I normally see in three wheel bikes. I feel this bike is best for riders under 200 lbs.”


I later e-mailed Schwinn and was told the Meridian has been safety tested up to 250 pounds.


After I got the bike home, I took it out for a spin. During my ride, I heard one of the rear fenders rub against the tire. I bent the fender a bit with my hands and this solved the problem. I also observed the bike is a slightly difficult to maneuver. I’ve never ridden an adult tricycle before, so I have nothing to gage my experience against. Maybe all three wheel bikes are a bit funky to steer?


These minor glitches did not stop me from thoroughly enjoy myself though! The Schwinn Meridian is a pleasure to ride.


Schwinn Meridian


Prior to the Schwinn Meridian, I had never considered purchasing a three wheel bike. Since receiving the Meridian, adult tricycles have become my new fascination. As I have no experience with other three wheel bikes, I can’t recommend the Schwinn Meridian over any other three wheel bike, but what I can say is that I enjoy this bike tremendously. Riding the Meridian is a comfortable, joy inducing affair.



“Note: This article contains affiliate amazon links.”


Disclosure: To facilitate this review Schwinn provided me with a Schwinn Meridian. Schwinn did not request that I express any particular opinion and my reviews always reflect my honest opinion.

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