Review of Schwinn Delmar Cruiser Bike

The Schwinn Delmar cruiser bike is where classic styling meets modern innovation. A short time ago, I was given the opportunity to review a women’s Schwinn Delmar Cruiser Bike. As I’ve been desiring for a cruiser bicyle for some time, I jumped at the chance.



The beauty of the Schwinn Delmar is its simplicity. With old school coaster brakes and only one speed, this bike means you just pedal and go. I find it impossible to ride without a huge goofy grin on my face.



The Delmar offers a classic retro look, a smooth ride, and a comparatively low price. Its swept-back handle bars create a comfortable, upright riding position while the padded saddle eases the ride.



It should be noted the frame is steel, not aluminum. Steel frames are strong, resilient, and moderately light. Most aluminum frames are generally stiffer. This stiffness is good when ascending or sprinting (think road bike) but bad when rolling over bumpy terrain or potholes (think cruiser bike). Aluminum however, is rust proof and this steel frame is not.


Disclosure: To facilitate this review Schwinn provided me with a Schwinn Delmar. Schwinn did not request that I express any particular opinion and my reviews always reflect my honest opinion.



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