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Recently, I tried out the free app RoamRight, a travel insurance provider, released. And no, you don’t have to hold a policy with them to use some of the features! Yes, with the RoamRight app, RoamRight insurance policy holders can keep track of claims, but anyone, whether a customer or not, can use the app’s translation tool and drug equivalencies. With a policy, store travel documents, get weather alerts, and securely store your travel plans. You’ll even get travel alerts! The app’s country risk ratings help parents know up-to-date risk alerts for countries around the world.

As a policy holder, I used the app during domestic travel, during which I needed weather alerts for several ferry crossings in the Pacific Northwest, plus needed to keep track of boarding passes, hotel reservations, and my travel schedule. The drug equivalency calculator, which is accessible even without a policy, could have been used to double-check my kids’ prescriptions filled by pharmacists they don’t know. Luckily I never needed that. The app was really handy, however, and would have been even more useful when traveling internationally. I’m just itching to use the translations tab! Grab it for your mobile device now, and use it for the non-policy features. If or when you decide to buy a travel policy, you’ll ‘unlock’ all the extras!



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updated: September 25 2014 by pitstopsforkids

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Amy Whitley is a travel writer and founder of family travel website Pit Stops for Kids, the mom of three boys, and an outdoor adventure writer for OutdoorsNW Magazine.

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