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The QuickSmart stroller is ideal for airplane travel. My husband and I live and work in several different places which means my daughter and I are on a plane or in a car several weekends a month.  When my daughter was younger, I would pack all of our stuff in one bag, put her in her jogging stroller, travel, and somehow make it work.  As she got older she became independent, wanted her own bag, and wanted the option to walk.  Suddenly the jogging stroller was more trouble than it was a help.

Then perfect opportunity came when I was chosen to review the QuickSmart travel stroller for Trekaroo.  When it arrived I was amazed at how small the box was! I was traveling in a few days and wanted to get familiar with the way the stroller worked so I opened the box and found the stroller packed in its back pack.  The color I received is called Geometric Midnight which is basically navy blue with a geometric pattern.  The only other color offered is black with a lime green piping.  Both patterns are not very feminine but practical since traveling can be dirty especially with children that have a tendency to spill snacks and juices.  The look of the stroller is very sleek.  It is similar to an umbrella stroller in that there are no bells and whistles like cup holders, storage basket, or little compartments but the special features that this stroller does have puts it in an entirely different league from a typical umbrella stroller. Instead of folding into the typical long compact shape, it folds into a more square shape and slips into a very attractive sleek backpack.


Typical jogger vs compact QuickSmartTypical jogging stroller vs compact QuickSmart


  • Stroller collapses easily into a square and slips into a backpack.
  • When collapsed, stroller fits in overhead storage bin.
  • This stroller is sturdy but light; weighing in at only 11 lbs.
  •  The height of most umbrella stroller push bars are just too low to make pushing them comfortable but the height of the Quick. Smart. Go Stroller was a perfect fit.
  • The single wheel in front makes one hand maneuvers a breeze.  This is especially important when traveling while traveling alone and trying to do the mommy juggling act.


Suggestion for improvement

  •  I would also have the backpack equipped with small roller wheels and a pull up bar for optional rolling capability, like a rolling suitcase.


The test drive:  My test drive experience started before I even left my house for the airport.  I recently gave up my gas guzzling SUV and down-sized to an eco-friendly (but not so big) car.  My limited trunk space has been a challenge.  I used to be able to fit the jogging stroller in my trunk…. And nothing else!  With the QuickSmart stroller I was able to fit it, both suitcases, and still had space to spare.  I was loving this stroller all ready!


Typical jogging stroller taking up all the trunk space

QuickSmart leaves plenty of room for suitcases


When we arrived at the airport my daughter was bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to do her big girl thing.  I kept the stroller in the backpack, pulled my bag, and carried her car seat through the airport while my daughter pulled her little suitcase. The backpack was very comfortable and felt lighter than 11 lbs on my back.

Security screening was one of my big tests. Typically big strollers won’t fit in x-ray machines so they must be hand screening, adding 5-15 minutes to the dreaded security experience. With this stroller we sailed through the line because the QuickSmart stroller fit through the x-ray machine. The second test was the overhead bin. The stroller was a larger carryon but it did slip into the bin with ease. The biggest test came after we landed and deplaned… “Mommy hold me, I’m tired.” In less than 30 seconds I had my stroller out of the backpack, unfolded, and ready to use.  Her small suitcase even fit in the stroller backpack which made my mommy juggling act much less complicated.  Genius!


Bottomline: How did I ever get through the airport without this stroller? I will use it until my daughter reaches the 45lb weight limit. The stroller is a very smart traveling companion which is perfect for airplanes, taxis, trains, and even boats.


Sisily Calvert is a Trekaroo Superoo.She received a complimentary stroller to complete this review but all opinions are her own.


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at 02/27/2012 01:49PM caitlinpcarroll wrote:

Cool stroller! Thanks for the review. We traveled a lot by air when my son was little and I was too scared to ever take a stroller so we mostly used wraps and other carriers. Now that he’s 2.5 though… that’s not as practical and sometimes a stroller is necessary, especially now that he has a little sister that needs to be carried. Do they make a double stroller? 🙂

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