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Whether it is mixing a baby bottle or hydrating while out and about, transporting water is important to the mom on the go. The Pura water bottles are one option on the market. The bottles are made of BPA free silicon and stainless steel. I had the opportunity to try both the Pura and Pura Kiki water bottles.

The Pura Kiki has a unique feature that allows for the attachment of several interchangeable nipple types to range from a bottle to a sports cup, which makes this product ideal for infants to adults. With the option of several nipple types this cup can accommodate the pickiest of drinkers.  This bottle addresses some of the main issues I have while carrying water from my children. The plastic bottles sometime crack in my bag leaving everything soaked. The plastic heats, making the water too warm to be refreshing and leaving a chemical smell in the water. The stainless steel eliminates these issues- the cool water stays the correct temperature and the stainless steel will not crack under the weight of the bag.

The cup required cleaning prior to the first use so I washed the cup with warm water and soap as instructed but noticed that as the water warmed so did the cup. The water became hot and the cup became unbearable to hold, so it is important to watch the temperature of the liquid going inside the cup for safety.

We tested this cup while on a family trip to Disneyland on one of the first hot days of summer. We received the Pretty Pink Pura Kiki, the pink color made my daughter dart for the cup, which is a bonus when you are trying to keep a 2 year old hydrated. The cup is complete with a silicone cover to prevent spills and leaks while you travel. As the liquid inside was cold I noticed my daughter did not want to hold the cup on her own as the bottle itself was quite cold. I ended up bringing the cup in and out of the bag so she didn’t have to hold it for any long period of time. The plus side of this is I never noticed the water too warm in the heat.  If the cup had a silicone or foam grip, it might be more enjoyable to hold.

Pura Stainless

Pura Stainless Steel Water Bottles

I tried the adult cup and found the water to be cool but there was a bit of a metallic aftertaste.  I am very sensitive when it comes to tastes and smells so for me it was a bit of a turn off.  That being said, I was very happy with the temperature of the water and prefer the stainless steel bottle over any other reusable plastic cup I have used.

Pura Adult Stainless

The price for the adult cup ranges from $15.99 to $27.99. The Kiki cup ranges from $13.99 to 15.99. Additional nipples or spouts are $5.99. This is a fair price as these are much safer and durable than your average plastic cup. However, I think the popularity of this cup with many celebrities attributes to a bit of the inflated price over some of the other options out there.

Buy Pura Stainless water bottles.

In summation, the product had several pros and cons however, I would recommend this bottle for those looking for a safer and cooler alternative to plastic and don’t mind paying for the trendy look.


  • Keeps liquids cool.
  • Design appeals to children.
  • Safer and more durable than plastic alternatives.
  • Interchangeable nipples grow with child and accommodates picky drinkers.


  • Bottle can become too hot or too cold.
  • Leaves a metallic aftertaste.


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at 07/15/2011 09:52AM marys wrote:

Thanks for the review! I have both the infant and adult bottles and have never tasted anything. From my research stainless is the best material for bottles because it is inert… nothing comes in or out… and stainless is has been used in operating room and milk pasteurization for decades.

I also wanted to comment on the hot and cold aspects of the bottles. I saw Pura at a show in Las Vegas and they are introducing these great silicone sleeves that should eliminate this problem all together and maybe even provide some added insulation. I love my Kiki bottles and would never consider using anything else!

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