Review of the Photojojo Phone Lens Series

Boom! Meet The Photojojo Phone Lens Series: Fisheye, Telephoto, Wide Angle, and Macro cell phone lenses for the budding photographer in all of us.


If you’re like most people, you’re constantly taking and posting pictures to social media sites from your cell phone. If this sounds like you (it sure sounds like me), listen up! You can take better pictures from your phone through phone lenses sold by Photojojo.

Photojojo Phone Lenses


Photojojo’s phone lenses magnetically attach to a sticker placed around your cell phone’s camera lens. In addition to working with any cell phone, the beauty of phone lenses is that they bridge the gap in quality between pictures shot from your phone versus pictures shot from your camera. Impressive, right? Wait till you’ve filtered the pictures through Instagram and posted them to your Facebook page. You’ll get friend requests like Charlie Sheen. Maybe even from Charlie Sheen! TIP: Photojojo provides enough metal stickers for several phones making it easy to share the lenses with a spouse.



Photojojo offers 3 lenses which can be purchased separately or in bundle. One of these lenses is actually a 2 in 1 lens; the Wide Angle Lens is matched with the Macro Lens. Using one or the other is as simple as unscrewing them apart. It took me a month to notice this because I didn’t read the directions. Don’t make my mistake.



The Fisheye Lens is my favorite. If had to choose just one lens to purchase, it would be the Fisheye. Photojojo’s Fisheye Lens is an extreme wide-angle lens that produces pictures with rounded corners.

This photo was snapped from my Blackberry Bold 9930.

This photo was snapped from my Blackberry Bold 9930 with Photojojo’s Fisheye Lens.



Before reviewing Photojojo’s Macro Lens, I hadn’t realized how awful my phone shot up-close images. Not anymore! With the Macro Lens, I’m now able to showcase tiny details. I wish I had this lens last October when I was visiting Albuquerque’s PNM Butterfly Pavilion!

Upclose picture of magnet from my Blackberry Bold 9930.

Upclose picture of a magnet from my Blackberry Bold 9930 with Photojojo’s Macro Lens.



Photojojo’s Telephoto 2X Lens allows parents to take better shots from further away without using their phone’s zoom function, which often results in blurry pictures. As of late, when I feel the urge to zoom in, I remind myself to walk closer to the object instead. Sometimes though, walking closer isn’t an option. Like when you’re trying to capture pictures of your preschooler’s first ski lesson from an observation deck.



The Wide Angle Lens is my second favorite lens. Like the Fisheye Lens, it captures more background in each shot. The Wide Angle Lens is perfect for taking pictures of large groups of people or for shooting natural landscapes. This lens comes in handy more often than you’d think. I was recently at the Fairmont San Jose trying to take a picture of their Christmas display for my Facebook page, when I realized that I couldn’t do it without my Wide Angle Lens. I wanted to kick myself because I had left the lens is my other purse in the room.



With Christmas around the corner, phone lenses are a great gift choice. They’re incredibly affordable and make a huge difference in photo quality. While not in use, they’re easy to transport and come with protective lens covers and carry straps. I carry my lenses in my purse next to my camera and use them often. Besides phone lenses, Photojojo sells a variety of amazing wallet friendly gadgets. If you visit their site, you’ll find several items you can’t or don’t want to live without.


I received complimentary phone lenses from Photojojo to complete this review but all opinions are my own! Pinky Swear.

Tina Buell is Trekaroo’s Northern California Destination Specialist, single mom, and mother to a constant ray of SONshine.



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