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Listed below is my packing checklist from my first trip to Florida (before Nest) with two month old baby Jack:

1. Huge Pack-N-Play with attached Diaper changing station that

will NEVER fit back into its original bag no matter how I fold it.
2. Sheets and Bedding
3. Carry on sized Suitcase
4. Diaper bag
5. Kitchen Sink

This was my packing checklist for our second trip to Florida (after Nest) with three month old baby Jack:

1. Phil&Teds Nest

Whew….almost seems too good to be true.  Not only was Phil&Teds Nest the answer to my prayers, it was also the answer to my car’s limited trunk space and my aching back. Nest’s effortless, compact design makes this product a winner for busy parents on the go.

package for nest

Upon arrival (in a huge box that made me a little worried about just how compact this new travel bed would be) I ripped open the package to find a cream colored canvas product resembling an over-sized tennis racket tote. In five seconds I had correctly assembled the Nest without reading its directions which are printed on the paper wrapper. Not saying that I am a super genius or anything, its just the assembly is pretty straight forward.  After unzipping the bassinet side (not to be confused with the “suitcase” side), little beams pop into the base. Think super easy pop up tent assembly.

The bassinet mattress is soft, like a miniature memory foam mattress. I wanted to climb inside it. Nest’s sides are constructed from a breathable canvas material with mesh cutouts. The top has an optional zippered “mosquito net” for added protection against sun and insects. Please note Phil&Teds Nest must be placed on a low, firm surface. With its soft canvas sides, which is the beauty of its sleek, light weight design, it’s not meant to be placed on a bed or on an elevated surface. The color is neutral and non-gender specific.

bassinet view

Of course baby Jack had to try it out right away and was content in his little nest. The next day, I took the nest into work and tried it in lieu of his bassinet. Jack fell right asleep and stayed asleep for the duration of nap time- SUCCESS! Not only is this product perfect for trips (both by car and by airplane) but it’s also a nice compact solution for grandma’s house, the home office, the beach, and camping.

Now, onto the suitcase side. I am a bit of an over-packer (shhh…don’t tell my husband I fessed up….) But Nest comfortably packed enough clothes and supplies for a week’s worth of travel, with room to spare.  Piece of cake! I’m looking forward to my upcoming trip to Pennsylvania next month because Nest is overhead compartment approved! This means no lost luggage or sacrificing on what I should bring to save space. The approved weight limit is 9 months or 20 pounds. Jack is a large, wiggly baby and will outgrow this product after he gains three more pounds. When this happens, the Nest will continue to serve our family as carry on luggage when needed.

all packed

Atheistically, I wish the handle straps were adjustable. This way, not only could I use the handles, but could also drape it over my body messenger bag style. This design change would also allow my 6’3 Husband to comfortably wear it. Lastly, and merely cosmetic in nature, a little color added to Nest would go a long way. I would go crazy for a fun, bright pattern or even a splash of color.  For me, that would truly make Nest the perfect package.

Overall, I would give Phil&Teds Nest four out of five stars. Your travels with Nest will be stress free, worry free and aching back free. It really isn’t just for travel, a smart parent would forgo the “Moses basket” and perhaps even a bassinet and go right with a Nest. This way you get your money worth AND you instantly become a savvy traveler.

baby jack

I love my Nest!!! Thank you Phil&Teds!
Love, Jack


*This complimentary product was received from the manufacturer to be reviewed by Trekaroo. I received no other compensation, and was not required to express any particular point of view.


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