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One of the great things about owning your own kayak is being able to take advantage of its portability!  You can use it at lakes or calm beaches near home, or attach it to your vehicle and take it with you on road trips.  Having a kayak to use whenever you desire means instant fun with very little pre-planning.  Perception’s Prodigy 14.5 Tandem Kayak is a fun sit inside kayakthat’s wonderful for family adventures on the lake.



  •          Comfortable Seats
  •          Seats & Foot Braces Adjust Easily
  •          Good Size Stern Bulkhead
  •          Extra Straps On Top Of Kayak For Attaching Items
  •          Kid’s Seat
  •          Zone Knee/Thigh Pad
  •          Sturdy
  •          Doesn’t Tip Easily
  •          Glides Quietly Through Water


  •          I Wish The Solo Foot Braces Would Fold Flat
  •          Awkward For Once Person To Carry.


The Prodigy 14.5 Tandem Kayak weighs 75 pounds, so it is on the heavy side, but both my husband and I carried it to the water without any problems using its flexible soft touch handles. Once in the water, you will be amazed at how effortlessly it cuts through small waves and wakes created by other boats.  The seats are wide and padded, adjust easily, and are very comfortable.



My husband (who I call my “water guy”), myself, and 2 of our kiddos, took the kayak out for a test run before a few larger trips this summer. We didn’t adjust anything before hand, so it was a pleasant surprise when we were all four on the lake to be able to easily adjust the seats and foot braces. We only planned on going out for half an hour (Grandpa was watching our other two kids at home), but ended up being out on the lake for 2! We had a blast splashing water at each other, watching fish jump next to the boat, and sailing over the small waves created by other boat’s wakes. This kayak is perfect for exploringnew, fun beaches that might be undiscovered and private.

My favorite item on the kayak is by far the waterproof bulkhead storage. I love the idea that I can pack a lunch for all of us, stick a blanket and some towels in there and go find a sandy lakeside beach for us to paddle to and have a picnic. Having a secure waterproof place to stow my expensive camera means I can take quality pictures of our experience instead of being forced to leave it at home.

My children sat comfortably, one in front of my husband, and one in front on myself, in the portable and cushioned kid-seats (only one kid seat is included per kayak).  We gave them the option to paddle along with us, but they both chose to take advantage of relaxing and enjoying the view.  Our 3 year old kept telling us to paddle faster and they both loved looking at the insides of a half-eaten fish floating in the water (I closed my eyes).



When we returned to the shore, my husband, being the manly guy that he is, lifted the kayak over his head as he was determined to carry it back to the truck alone. With most of the kayak’s weight being at the front and back, it was a little awkward for him to carry as it swayed forward and back. If you are not a grizzly man and would like to buy a tandem, on Perception Kayak’s web page, they have a small 2 wheel trailer that fits easily inside the boat, making it even easier to transport it from your vehicle to the water.

The only thing I hope Perception considers revising in the future are the foot braces for the solo rider (where you place your feet). There are three foot brace tracks, two for tandem use and one for solo use, and when you are riding tandem, the solo foot brace can dig into the front person’s legs. I adjusted it forward and backward as much as possible to try to relieve this, but didn’t have any luck. Before we venture out again, I will probably try to remove them. I would love for the solo person’s foot brace to possibly be able to fold flat when 2 people are using it.

Overall, I love this kayak. It is easy to take along on any travels to lakes or calm beaches as well as making travel near your house fun and even more enjoyable. I can’t wait to get a second one so my entire family can venture out together!



Disclosure: This review was based on a complimentary Prodigy 14.5 Tandem Kayak by Perception Kayaks. I received no other compensation and the business owner did not state any requirements that I express a particular point of view.

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