Review of Patch Buddies: Backpack, Travel Friend & Blanket in One

Heading out on a vacation or road trip with a young child can often leave you contemplating these questions:

How many toys should we take along with us?  What about their lovies?  How can I keep all of their toys, snacks and accessories organized and readily available?

Enter Bubele’s Patch Buddies.  One part back back, one part lovie, one part small blanket, this is truly a great travel companion for young kids.

I recently received a Patch Buddy & backpack to review.  We took the pair on our trip up to Mammoth Mountain and it was a huge hit.  Here’s a breakdown of my favorite (and a few not so favorite features):


  • *  Size of the backpack kept my 5-year-old from trying to take EVERY TOY she owns with her on vacation.  She was allowed to take only what fit in the pack.  She also didn’t pack more than she could carry!  YES!
  • * The buddy is adorable!  We got Kevin Mao, a cute, red, plush toy offering a friendly wink.  He is cuddly and soft and was a fun back seat playmate.   There are ten characters to choose from.
  • * The attached blanket is small, but serves as a soft & awesome as a lovey for tired little ones.
  • * The plush toy & blanket are not attached to the backpack: no tethering to a heavy backpack when using it as a nap aid or toy.
  • * The backpack is exceptionally sturdy;  it has stood up nicely to being stepped on and shoved around in the back seat.
  • * The fabric wiped off nicely when we spilled a soda on it.
  • * Connected to the backpack is a long, hidden strap that parents can use for extra security in airports, crowded areas, etc…


  • * When the plush toy is tucked in his space in the backpack, it is a little tricky to get inside items out/in.  You have to maneuver around the plush toy’s compartment inside.
  • * As mentioned in the pros, the plush toy is not connected to the backpack.  This was great when we weren’t moving, but when the pack was in motion, I was afraid the toy was going to fall out (it didn’t during our trip) and we would have a lost toy meltdown.

Overall, I recommend the Patch Buddy backpack to families with small children.  They come in a variety of colors, offer numerous characters to choose from, and are a great price at $12.99 for the plush buddy and $13.99 for the sturdy backpack. 


Disclosure: I received a Bubele Patch Buddies & Backpack for the purpose of this review. They did not require that I state a particular point of view; all opinions are my own.



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