Review of OiOi Jungle Leather Slouch Tote Diaper Bag

My OiOi Jungle Leather Slouch Tote Diaper Bag is everything I never knew I needed in a diaper bag. It’s soft, supple, designer, expensive, stylish, versatile, and fashionable. It screams, “I still care about me!”

I often feel guilty because I don’t have the time to accessorize before leaving the house, my clothes aren’t in style, and I lack the energy to buy matching bra and panty sets; heck, on most days if I’ve managed to leave the house with my hair washed I feel ahead of the game. But let me tell you, when I step out of the house with my OiOi diaper bag – I feel like a million bucks.  I’ve even stopped to admire its reflection in a store window. No joke!

As we all know, beauty almost always comes with a price. The Jungle Leather Slouch Tote Diaper Bag is no different. Yes, it’s pricey. But, it’s worth every penny! I adore my Leather Slouch Tote so much that it pains me to slip it under the seat of the chair in front of me when I’m flying and I inwardly reprimand myself for not having gotten around to applying a leather protector to it yet. Here’s why I love it:

* The distressed Jungle Lamb Leather is softer than my son’s butt

* The detachable leather shoulder strap allows me to carry it like

a messenger bag

* I can store my son’s tablet or portable DVD player in the

internal elasticized pockets
* I stash my car keys in the outer zip pocket

* Pictures don’t do this bag justice – yes, it looks like the

Marlboro Man’s saddle bag, but in all the coolest ways. It’s truly

* It comes with a change mat, insulated bottle holder, and wipes

* It’s large enough to hold my laptop and a pair of 5 inch Steve

Maden cork wedges (what else does a mother need?)

If you’re like most mothers, you may only get to splurge on yourself a few times a year. If a diaper bag is a mother’s best friend, OiOi’s Jungle Leather Slouch Tote Diaper Bag is your Maid of Honor. Go ahead and splurge, you deserve it. To make it easier, OiOi is offering a coupon code for 20% off the Jungle Leather Slouch Tote at only: oioi20

This offer will expire August 31, 2012.


All photos provided by OiOi and Brand Down Under.


Disclosure: To facilitate this review OiOi provided me with a Jungle Leather Slouch Tote Diaper Bag. OiOi did not request that I express any particular opinion and my reviews always reflect my honest opinion.
Tina Buell is Trekaroo’s Northern California Destination Specialist, single mom, and mother to a constant ray of SONshine


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Tina Buell is Trekaroo's Social Media and Marketing Manager. She is the mom of a little ray of son-shine.

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