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Review Monkey Mat Compact Picnic Blanket

Parents (especially first timers) really hate to see their children on messy, dirty floors, mouthing whatever happens to be on the ground at the park, or sitting within reach of any number of dangerous and disgusting objects when placed on the floor. Monkey Mat is a super lightweight, grab and go answer for all of these obstacles when you have littles ones (or older ones too) on the go!

Monkey Mat – Portable Floor

Why it rocks:

The material is lightweight, parachute-like and everything rolls off of it. Sand? No problem. Water? Dries quickly and doesn’t soak it up. Sticky messes? Wipe away with ease.

Our Monkey Mat got us through t-ball season. I would find the two square feet of shade afforded by some shadows from the dugout – unfortunately, it was in that orange, dusty baseball diamond dirt. I didn’t want to miss the action of my son’s first year in the sport by sitting 100 yards away in the grass, but I also knew that my baby and I would burn and be red as lobsters in the sunlight. I also didn’t want to sit in the orange dirt with my clothes (or my baby) directly exposed to the staining mess. Monkey Mat to the rescue!

We’ve enjoyed the sandy shores of the lake (and prevented several diaper-loads of sand) by enjoying the sandy surf as the waves roll in on our Monkey Mat. We’ve used it to create a makeshift shade hut at the beach too!

The Monkey Mat is an affordable purchase, retailing at $19.99. It folds up to fit into an attached sack of its’ own. It has weighted corners and loops for stakes (sold separately for $5.99.) We also appreciate the loops in the middle — which can be used for hooking toys and distracting infants from the dirt and rocks at the edges of the mat that are so tempting!

Anyplace you’d rather not have your own skin or that of your children touching is the perfect use for a Monkey Mat! We love it for the beach, ball games, camping, and even indoor settings like church, school, and airports. It’s ridiculously lightweight and packable. It truly is a portable floor!

What could be better:

I think the weighted corners are a great start, but they still flip and fly in a brisk wind. I do not have the stakes but I think they are something you should plan to invest in. It would also help to be staked down when little hands want to eat sand or whatever you are trying to create a barrier from! Slightly heavier (maybe double?) weighted corners would be great.

I’ve had our Monkey Mat for close to a month. In that time, two of my friends and fellow mothers have ordered one since they were so impressed with my handy little psuedo-floor! My only regret is that I do not have more than one (to keep in our vehicles or at grandpa’s house — just in case we forget it at home!) I will be remedying that soon!


Disclosure: I received a complimentary Monkey Mat for the purposes of completing a review and hands-on experience. It truly rocks in my opinion!



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