Review of Magmatic Trunki Ride-On Suitcase


Trunki Ride-On Suitcase

Trunki is a suitcase that children can ride through the airport or train station. There are currently 9 models to choose from in the United States.
I bought my son (2 years and 9 months) a Trunki ride-on kid’s suitcase for our trip to Disneyland in May 2011. I choose Tipu. Tipu is the Trunki suitcase resembling a tiger. He has ferocious stripes and cute little whiskers. He is darling!! I also purchased the matching saddlebag and Trunki Stickers. Suitcase, saddlebag, and stickers all sold separately.

What I appreciated:

  •  The moment I took Tipu out the box my son was excited – Tipu is very fashion forward appealing to both adults and children.
  •  My son has no problem dragging Tipu around by the tow strap. It is the perfect size for a toddler.
  •  Tipu has inside straps to keep contents secure while in motion.
  •  Trunki’s matching accessories are dang cute!! – Especially the saddlebag which doubles as a cushioned saddle and a messenger bag
  •  Trunki Tipu easily fit in Southwest Airlines overheard storage bin.

Trunki suitcase

What I wish was different:

  •  Tipu has 2 little white horns on the front that are supposed to be stabilizers (e.g., grips for the child to hold onto while being towed). However, the stabilizers are so small that they did little to nothing to prevent my son from falling over backwards while I was pulling him around with the tow strap. If you were in a hurry running through the airport your child would surely go flying off the suitcase.
  •  The Trunki catches (locks on each side of the case to keep it closed) aren’t very secure. On each side it’s a piece of plastic that slides down to lock. However, they don’t click into place with a snap; it’s more of a soft catch like poking your finger in a marshmallow. At several times during its use the latches on my Trunki become unlocked on their own. Thankfully it was always just one side or the other and not both at the side time.
  •  The carry handles are exactly where the saddlebag goes. If you use the saddle bag you have to tow the case, you cannot carry it like a duffle bag.
  •  The tires are cheap plastic. My son towed his Trunki on the sidewalk for a few minutes after I first put it together and I had to stop him for fear the tires would get too many nicks and no longer roll properly.
  • This suitcase is supposed to hold 100 lbs – I seriously doubt that. My son is 37lbs and had no problems sitting on the suitcase while it was empty but I have doubts that Trunki’s cheap wheels would hold under the strain of 100 lbs.
  •  There are no organized pouches inside

While I dearly love the look of my Trunki Tipu I would not recommend it for the purpose of traveling domestically or internationally. Trunki Tipu would be best suited for day trips in the car.



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