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The My Little Suitcase iphone application provided by My Busy Kits is pretty straight forward.  It provides children aged 2 to 6 help with packing for 4 specific trips: camping, sleepover, snow, and beach. The goal is to teach children how to start packing on their own for an overnight stay or a longer trip and how to double check that they have everything they need, using an interactive game with bright colorful pictures . There is no reading involved. The application was tested by my two daughters who are 8 and 11. They are older than the recommended user but I thought I would try it anyway and they really enjoyed it.

The Kids like:

It’s easy to use – all the kids have to do is pick the type of trip they are taking and pictures of all the items they should pack are displayed.  As they begin packing each physical item , they also drag and drop the picture into their iphone suitcase.  After each bag is packed, they double check to make sure they didn’t forget anything.  It’s pretty straightforward, but fun. After they were done, they wanted more! They are girls, what can I say?

It teaches Indpedence – this is an application that will give its little users some independence as well as some guidance on conducting some simple tasks by themselves.

There a pay off for the kids – after you’re done packing, you are rewarded with games you can play.  My girls loved playing the games over and over again, picking new clothes each time   They really loved dressing up the snowman at the end of the SNOW option.
Cute Graphics – the graphics are really cute and allow a child who is not yet reading to use the application.


Kids did not like:
My kids were bothered by the fact that they could add a kite to their bag in the sleepover option. Although, it’s just a small detail but they insisted that I mentioned it. They kept saying that they would never bring a kite to a sleepover.



My daughters gave the thumbs up to the My Little Suitcase application and they are looking forward to a future release with even more clothing options and games. I can see them using the app to pack and to have fun with on a regular basis. As for me, I will definitely use it when we go to the beach as I always forget something. I would never have thought that such a functional application could double up as a game but looking at my children packing their virtual luggage over and over again and then playing the little game at the end of the packing adventure made me realize that it was $1.99 well spent.  The door is open to more features and games and I am really looking forward to future releases as well as maybe versions for older children.  Come to think about it, what about an application to help mom and dad with packing too?


Note: I would like to add that I used the application on a 1st generation Itouch. That particular Itouch does not have a speaker so the whole process was silent. If they had put on a headset, they would have been able to hear some sound effects.

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at 03/05/2010 12:59PM Jennifer W. wrote:

Very clever! I can not tell you how many times my two boys have forgotten something (and it always seems to be underwear — go figure!)

Jennifer —

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