Review of Lilly Gold 2 in 1 Zoomer Smart Cart for Carseats

The Lilly Gold Zoomer smart cart allows you to convert any carseat into a stroller for easy travel. Have you ever been bogged down by mounds of “kid travel gear”, collectively burdened by the amount of STUFF that is required to get around with kids? Well, you can ditch the stroller — you might still have oodles of bottles and bags and diapers, but you can shed some weight by bringing smaller wheels that have many purposes with the Lilly Gold Zoomer.



We have a Diono car seat that my son LOVES but it’s very heavy — over 20 lbs, so toting it along (as it is FAA approved) on a flight was a real brow furrowing thought. This makes it much more feasible. Just strap the car seat on (using the LATCH straps), wheel up to your seats, put the car seat on the plane seat, and stow under, up front (or in the closet with the help of a flight attendant.) This is also a way to free up your hands and stretch your endurance if you are traveling alone with children. Additionally, for kids that might otherwise be afraid while flying, it gives them a cozy sense of home, having a familiar seat along — the seat you might not have brought without something to make it easier!


As a rural mom, we had never tackled much public transport at all, and none with children. We usually walk or drive ourselves. The Zoomer is a great way to go from hotel to a taxi and have a carseat to quickly strap in, to quell any thoughts of fiery car wrecks without a car seat (yeah, I know I’m a bit of a worrier…)


Pushing the contraption like a stroller rather than pulling it like a suitcase seems to be more egronomically pleasing to me. It pushes smoothly and folds up pretty easily once you know how to do it.


The only downfall that we noticed was with flat vs. more rounded or oddly shaped bottom car seats. Diono seems to work great. Our Graco didn’t work AS well. It wobbled a bit since the bottom did not marry up well with the Zoomer. So, check out your seat — if it appears pretty flat, all should be well using the Zoomer.


It’s not going to withstand a beating but is designed well and is intended for mostly indoor or parking lot use. This is not a good replacement for a stroller for general use or walks in the park or down alleyways with gravel! But, when used for the intended purpose (carseats, kid hauling, and leverage while carrying other things like coolers) it does just fine.


A bit sturdier handle would be advantageous, as my husband can be “overzealous” when turning and steering and under weight it does bend and twist a little. No damage so far, but it’s concerning when it happens!



Make sure the car seat is strapped on good and tight.


Use with a “flat bottom” car seat.


Rolls through metal detectors and is pretty transparent for inspection.


It can be used for other carrying situations — and acts as a “dollie” if you want to haul say coolers or totes instead of a seat.


The larger the child, the harder it will be to push — BUT this is true for almost every wheeled contraption for hauling kids around!

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