Review of the Kelty Supernova (Single or Double) Sleeping Bag

When I received the Kelty Supernova, my husband was absolutely the most excited person in the house. Like a kid in a candy store, as they say! My husband, a six-foot two-inch man, has always had trouble snuggling down into a sleeping bag. Most of the ones we’ve owned have been too short, too skinny, or too thin. The Supernova is a king-sized sleeping bag, but can also be used as a single sleeping bag when the top layer is removed, leaving the bottom layer for a blanket. After using the Kelty Supernova Sleeping Bag for four nights on our most recent camping trip, I am excited to say that finding a large enough (and comfortable enough) sleeping bag is no longer a problem for him!


  • Very roomy even for really tall adults
  • Flexible – can be zipped together as a double sleeping bag
  • Soft and comfy
  • Warm bag -30 degrees
  • Price is right


  • Bulky as to be expected
  • Hard to fold

We used the Kelty Supernova in our pop-up camper. We have a very firm king-sized mattress (also very thin) that we’ve topped with a skinny foam cushion for added comfort. Still, a good night’s sleep is sometimes hard to get.  The material of this sleeping bag is SO soft! Even in the hot Georgia summer weather, I wanted to snuggle down inside it simply because it was so comfortable! The first night we slept in the bag I was happily surprised to find pillow pockets. Believe it or not, I didn’t bring a pillow with me on the trip, so I didn’t get to fill the pocket, but it is an interesting option for helping keep my pillow in place (and clean) while using this sleeping bag.
The bag in which the sleeping bag fits is rather bulky, but this is a king-sized sleeping bag, so some bulk is to be expected. Younger kids will have a hard time helping move this one. Although the website says the bag and case weigh only 9 pounds, it was difficult for our 7-year-old to help move this sleeping bag. The problem was not the weight of the bag, but the size and bulk of the bag and its case. Of course, the set-up for the sleeping bag is no problem at all. Just unpack it and you’re ready to go.

The sleeping bag retails at the Kelty website for $279.95. I found it online for as little as $168.95 from an authorized Kelty dealer, so an affordable Kelty Supernova can be found! Of course, the bag’s durability and life length will depend on how our family cares for it, but if this was a long-term investment in camping supplies for our family, this bag would be worth it! Even the kids enjoyed sleeping in it—two of our boys tried it out, and while they’re only 7 and 9 now, it won’t be long until they’ll be filling the bag up just like Dad!
While there are few nights in Georgia when we need a 30 degree bag, they do come along from time to time.  This bag is rated for 30 degree weather, yet the 3-in-1 component of the bag makes it so that we can unzip the top layer and make a single-sized sleeping bag with it. It is a light-weight version of the larger Supernova, but it’s a great option for when a King-sized bag isn’t necessary!
The only less-than-stellar characteristic of this bag is the folding process. Be sure to keep your instructions or pay close attention to the bag as you remove it the first time in order to conquer the folding process in the end. If all else fails, fold the bag however you want and take advantage of that bulky carrying case!


*This complimentary product was received from the manufacturer to be reviewed by Trekaroo. I received no other compensation, and was not required to express any particular point of view. The opinions above are definitely my own!



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