Review of the Julbo Ski Goggles

Parents getting their kids ready for ski and snowboard season often forget about a key ski gear item: goggles. Cheap or second-hand goggles fog easily, crack, and scratch, making it hard for kids to do their best on the slopes. Quality ski goggles for kids do not have to be expensive. We tried Julbo’s Astro goggles, which cost less than $40 and include all the features you’d find on high-end adult versions (more on that in a minute).

Features of the Julbo Astro Goggles:

The Astro fits kids ages 6-10 (over helmets) and feature Orange Spectron 2 lenses. They fit snugly, offering wide range of vision for kids on the go, and will keep little eyes protected even in bright sunshine. They come in fun colors that make it hard to lose them in your ski bag.

If you love the Astro for your kids, you may want a pair of Julbo Polar Goggle for yourself. The adult’s Julbo Polar with Orange Spectron 3 is designed with polycarbonate, spherical, ventilated and polarizing lens. What that means on the slopes is a full field of vision and a nice fit to the face, ensuring you can see while buckling boots or wiping noses on the go.



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