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The Joovy Scooter X2 double stroller gets an A+ from my husband and myself. I’m the mom of two kids, a daughter who is 2 and a son who is almost 4.  Both my kids are completely mobile, but we live ie city and do 99% of our outings and errand running on foot. On any given day, we walk about 2 miles on our way to and from appointments, stores and playtimes. So a double stroller is still a very big daily necessity for me!

When my second child was born, we did a good amount of research and ended up with a front/back stroller. This was a great stroller which we used and loved from the time we took it out on first outing with two kids. However, over the past 6 months or so, my kids started having fights about who got to sit in the front, making every trip out of the house a major issue! So a side-by-side stroller was at the top of our wish list. Then I received the opportunity to review this new Joovy Scooter X2, and was so excited!


Specifications of the Joovy X2 (as per the website): Weight- 28.1 pounds.  Holds kids up to 45 pounds per side, for a total weight limit of 90 pounds. Folded dimensions- height 17”, width 30”, depth 37”. Unfolded dimensions- height 40”, width 30”, depth 32”.

Assembly: The stroller came in a large box, with some assembly required. My husband (with help from the kids) put the stroller together in a matter of minutes. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow.  We were soon ready to go!


Joovy Assembly


Joovy Scooter



Width As I mentioned, we’ve been using a front/back stroller, so are used to maneuvering a narrow stroller.  The Scooter x 2 is definitely wider than our old stroller, but I had no trouble fitting it through most doors.  On a couple of occasions, I have gotten momentarily hung up by doors that opened outward, and getting through required some wiggling. But I’ve had no trouble at home, or at the store, or anywhere else that I needed to get around in a tight space.


Handling This stroller steers like a dream.  There are times when I have been briefly pushing the stroller while holding something in one arm, and I’ve had no trouble steering with just one hand. The handle is padded and has been very comfortable for holding on to when I’m pushing the kids around.


WeightAt 28.1 pounds, this is slightly heavier than the ultralight stroller that we had before. However, I’ve had no trouble pushing it and have never felt like it was a heavy stroller, even when pushing the kids and the stroller and groceries up the hill. We store our stroller on an over-the-door-hook, which means that I do have to be able to lift the stroller several feet off the ground when it’s folded. I’m only 5 feet tall, so this is an issue with heavier items, but I’ve been able to get the Scooter X2 up and down just fine.


Folding/unfolding The Scooter X2 folds up nicely and fits in a relatively small space.  Folding is done with just one hand by twisting the center of the handle, and then the stroller folds up easily from there and closes securely with a hook on the side. Very simple. Getting it unfolded properly with everything facing the right way took both my husband and I a few tries to figure out, but we caught on pretty quickly and haven’t had any problems since.


Joovy Scooter Storage


Storage I love, love, love this feature of the Scooter x 2. The baskets underneath are enormous and hold a huge amount of my shopping or other items.  In addition to the large baskets, there are nice cup holders on the back of both seats, as well as little zippered compartments, which are handy for holding my miscellaneous little items.  The kids also have mesh cup holders on the sides of their seats, so they can keep their drinks close at hand.


Joovy Scooter


Seats I really like that each seat on the Joovy can be reclined separately. So if you have one kid that’s sleeping and one that’s awake, you can recline the sleeper and put the awake child upright. The seats are adjustable from the back, by pulling on/loosening straps, with an unlimited number of positions. The seats have 5-point harnesses, so your kids will be nice and secure.


Features- The Joovy X2 comes with a removable bumper bar that stretches across both seats. Since my kids are older, I removed this so that they could climb in and out of the seats on their own, but if you have littler ones, the bar is a nice extra feature to have. The cover on the Scooter x 2 is very generous and has kept my kids out of the wind and rain this spring as we’ve been on outings in the Seattle weather.  I like that the cover has a little clear window on top (can be covered with a flap, if desired), so I can see what the kids are up to, even when I have the cover down over them.


Joovy Scooter view


Wheels/brake The brake on this stroller is another thing that I really love. Rather than individual brakes on each back wheel, there’s a nice bar going across all the back. So it’s really easy to set and release when I’m stopped to cross streets, without any need to look down or search around for the brake with my toe.  The front wheels can either be in a fixed or swivel position, which is also handy.


ConsThe only con that I have found about this stroller after weeks of use is that the seats must be reclined fully in order to fold. This means that I have to fully recline the seats to put the stroller away, then remember to readjust them to my kids’ preferred recline every time we use the stroller. It’s not a huge issue, but something that I do get a little annoyed with.


Construction/stabilityThis is a very sturdy stroller. I’ve rolled it on sidewalks, through grass, over dirt, in water, you name it, and it’s not given me a moment of doubt. I’ve never had a single worry with this stroller about it tipping over, either when I’m pushing it or when the kids are climbing in and out. In addition to the stroller’s sturdiness and stability, the fabric is very durable and wipes down easily for cleaning. It’s very well-constructed and very kid-proof!


Conclusion: My husband and kids and I agree that this stroller gets an A+ rating from us.  I would highly recommend it to any family with two kids who need a great set of wheels!


Happy Joovy family




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at 05/19/2011 12:45PM RunnerGrrrl wrote:

Wonderful! We have the Cocoon and love it. My friend is looking for a double, so I will certainly recommend this!!

at 08/06/2011 04:43PM Ashlie Alvey wrote:

Thank you for your detailed review! This makes my decision on purchasing the Joovy x2 so much easier! My biggest concern has been that my two year old is pretty tall (37”) and I need a double stroller that will accomodate her height as well as provide comfort and safety for her young brother.
I appreciate your review so much!

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