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Review of the iSafe Laptop Messenger Business Bag

The iSafe Laptop Messenger Business Bag is the second piece from the iSafe company I have had the opportunity to use and love!  Having used the iSafe Collegiate Backpack daily for over a year I can 100% recommend the iSafe bags not only for the safety feature but iSafe’s unbeatable quality.

Juggling work, my child, and the need to be pulled together can sometimes be hard.  I used to manage several mismatched clumsy bags in one hand and hold my daughter’s hand with the other while catching a flight in heels!  Needless to say after using my first iSafe bag, the Collegiate Backpack, I knew immediately that traveling didn’t have to be so clumsy.  It was only after using the iSafe Laptop Messenger Bag that I realized not only my personal bag could be organized, but my business bag could as well.  Overnight I went from frumpy mom to pulled- together, professional mom.

Designed to be used with its shoulder strap or carried by its handle, the iSafe Laptop Messenger Bag is sleek and comfortable.   So not only do I feel safer but also I feel more stylish.

iSafe Laptop Messenger Bag

iSafe Laptop Messenger Bag features include:

  • 840 Ripstop Nylon
  • 2.6 lbs. With batteries
  • 16 x 12 x 7.5 inches
  • Fits laptops up to 15.6” screen


  • Built in one-pull alarm
  • Space and organization
  • Very attractive
  • Superior quality
  • Versatile, great for a man or a woman, business person or student

Price Point

  • $64.99

Buy iSafe Laptop Messenger Bag

The number one feature that makes the iSafe Laptop Messenger Bag the bag that I will continue to use is the built in one-pull alarm.  Located on the front flap of the bag, it is so easy to use and gives you an extra sense of security.  As a woman that travels and works a lot, I find great comfort in knowing that at a moment’s notice I can pull a small discreet cord that will sound an alarm that will change any attackers mind and call attention to a situation that needs immediate attention.   From walking to and from the airport parking lot to arriving home late at night after a meeting, having the iSafe Laptop Messenger Bag as my first defense is a comfort I will keep.

Space and organization is another great feature.   The large compartment is divided to provide space for your laptop and other business necessities.  The smaller compartment has many small pockets to organize your pens, phone, and such.

iSafe Laptop Messenger Bag


Bottom Line

I can’t speak more highly of the quality of iSafe bags.  It is true that the iSafe line is pricier than the average bag line you can pick up at the large chain stores, but the price you pay now is the price you save latter.  I have been using my iSafe Collegiate Backpack for a year.  I have put this backpack to the test.  I travel with a small child so everything goes into that bag!  It has been shoved under so many seats and still looks as good as it did the day I took it out of the box.  So yes, you will spend more money now, but you won’t need to buy another bag every year.  The iSafe Laptop Messenger Bag is made from the same high quality nylon and has the same high quality zippers and closures as the iSafe backpack.  I have been testing the Laptop Messenger Bag out for a month now and I am certain that it will hold up to the same high standards I have for the backpack.  And let’s face it, we can’t put a price on safety.

Buy iSafe Laptop Messenger Bag


I received an iSafe Laptop Messenger Bag to facilitate this review. I received no other compensation, and was not required to express any particular point of view.

Sisily Calvert is a Southern California Destination Guroo.  Her and her daughter love to explore SoCal and beyond together. Their favorite things include the beach, the desert, Mother Nature, reading, recycling, clean eating, and all eleven Disney Princesses!



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