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I wouldn’t say I am skittish person, but I would call myself cautious.  I am very aware of my surroundings at all times and that sometimes makes me a little anxious.  This has only become more apparent since having my daughter 3 years ago.  That is why the iSafe backpack was a perfect fit for me and my daughter.  We are a very active duo.  Since I am a stay at home mommy and my husband is the one that works, we are left to our own devices most days.  That means when we shop, hike, travel, and explore it is just the two of us 90% of the time.

What a treat it has been to explore and travel with the iSafe collegiate backpack!  The iSafe backpack acts, feels, and looks like a regular backpack, but the difference between a regular backpack and the Isafe backpack is the built in alarm.  There is a concealed activation switch in the shoulder strap that when pulled activates two high decibel sirens and a high intensity strobe light that can be seen up to 400 yards away.

I received this wonderful backpack and immediately switched out my “diaper bag” type bag and started using the Isafe collegiate backpack.  What a difference in the amount of space and amount of organization this well designed bag offers!  There are so many pockets and compartments that you can organize snacks, water, computers, toys, favorite plushy, jackets, blankets, and much more.  The great thing is after you get everything you need inside the backpack, smooth zippers completely hold it all together unlike my “diaper bag” type bag that is spilling over with the necessaries (and forget about the unnecessary!).  The material is very high quality nylon and the design is a very attractive.  I ordered the black so that both my husband and I could use it but the website shows many options from pink to blue to patterns.

On our trip to Disneyland I felt so safe because my wallet wasn’t exposed. Because it had its own pocket, I didn’t have to worry that it would accidentally fall out when I was pulling something else out to use. This clever backpack even has a pocket for your iPod that completely conceals it and a hole for your earphone wires to run from your iPod to your ears…genius!

Since it’s the holiday season, there isn’t a day that goes by that the news isn’t warning about being safe while walking to your car from the mall.  This backpack was the perfect shopping companion since I could conceal some of my purchases and my wallet, no need for a purse, in the bag itself. The built in alarm, which can be pulled to quickly setting off, would scare off the most hardened criminal, making it a very comforting feature to this cautious mother.  Walking to the car wasn’t as scary as it had been in years past.

I had a chance to recently use the backpack on a trip to the Bay Area.  The bag is such a wonderful carry on for many of the reasons I mentioned above and it really is able to handle the amount of stuff needed for a small child while traveling through airports.  The bag went through airport security without a hassle.  It was comfortable enough for me to wear it while holding a 31lb three year old.  The organization of all our documents made traveling a breeze.  Of course, there is the added bonus of having the option to pull an alarm if you feel threatened or attacked while in the airport or walking to your car or sightseeing.

The bag has become was such a great addition to our hikes.  I usually stick to a fairly small zone while hiking with my daughter without my husband because we have coyotes.  The backpack is such a great companion to our hike because the alarm would scare off a bear- it is so loud!  The Isafe backpack gave me a greater sense of safety.  We were able to pack a lunch and head further out than I was ever willing to try without the alarm.

The collegiate, the backpack I received, is much too big for a small child.  The website recommends it for an adult and I agree. The Isafe website show many young children wearing the other design which is smaller. I feel comfortable saying that if I had children that walked to and from school, or a child in college that walked to and from classes or the dorm, I would absolutely buy this product for them.  The added alarm feature on a product that they use and need anyway is a very important tool.  You can never be too cautious or prepared and I feel this product is indeed a must buy for any child, elementary to college, or adult that finds themselves in situations that have them walking alone at anytime of the day.  While it is true that this bag is not as stylish as my “diaper bag” style bag, I am converted and will be sticking to this as my outing and traveling bag from now on.  I love this product and I will definitely recommend and buy this product for friends and family.


Disclosure: The author received a sample of this product in order to complete this unbiased review.



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