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A topic that comes up around the spring of each year in my mom groups is:

What is the best gear to use for biking with young kids? Is there any alternative to a behind-the-driver carrier or a bike trailer?

Well, a piece of gear that is becoming more and more common and is equally as indispensable for the active family is the iBert Safe-T seat. Have you seen the neon green seat zip by with a happy kiddo at the helm?

Ibert Safe-T Seat

About the Seat:

The iBert fits most bicycles and is unique in that it sits in front of the driver of the bike, rather than behind. We liked that loading our child into the seat was easy – we used a back-mounted seat prior to finding the iBert and the whole bike always felt a little unstable and on a few occasions totally piled over while I was loading (thankfully, no injuries!) While we did find that one of our bikes did NOT fit the iBert well, it did fit on the other, and does fit on most.

Feature families will love:

  • You can see and talk to your child since they are right in front of you
  • You are able to have good control of the bicycle, even with a front load
  • Kiddos aren’t as bored because they can see more than the back of your shirt or the inside mesh of a biking trailer
  • If you have long hair, it’s not an enticing toy for infants and toddlers behind you to play with and pull (this one is a lifesaver for me!)
  • Lightweight; kids’ legs are not exposed
  • Fun steering wheel for kids, cushy seat for comfort (not just sitting on hard plastic like our back-mounted seat)
  • Narrow profile so you aren’t taking up the entire path OR spilling over into the vehicle lanes
  • If you had more than one kiddo that is not able to independently pedal a bicycle, you could use a trailer AND the iBert to get going with a bigger crowd
  • Made in the USA!! This is always a factor that my family loves to find
  • This contraption is a product of REAL parents – meaning the makers knew what was needed in the features families love

Please note: We usually ALWAYS have a helmet on and recommend you do the same. Our son was so excited to try it out that he scampered up and I snapped a picture before we could correct this oversight. Safety first!

What didn’t work for our family?

  • Our plain Jane, no-name bike didn’t fit the seat well (the steering tube was just slightly too shallow)
  • We have a big kid, so even though they are likely good seats for some kids up to four-years old (and 38 pounds), at a little over two-years old our son was just too big and mobile (wiggly) to make this a good option

Bottom-line: If you’ve been frustrated with your back-mounted seat, trailer, or are in a transition period where your child is too small to independently bike and is light enough to fit safely in an iBert, this is a great choice. Bigger families with lots of kids under the age of five will also LOVE this seat, making one parent able to bike with the whole gang. We were impressed with the quality and comfort of the seat for our son.


Disclosure: My family received a complimentary iBert Safe-T Seat to test drive and try out. We were not compensated in any other way. All opinions are our own.



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