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One of my favorite things is opening a new package that’s wrapped really nice.  It reminds me of Christmas morning, opening presents with the people I love.  The very first thing I have to praise is the packaging the Baby Hip Hugger by Baby Nari comes in; a cute and stylish brown and pink box with creative handles, awesome graphics, and simple instructions!  Luckily for me, the actual product inside was just as wonderful!  


  •  Relieves Stress On Your Lower Back
  •  Durable, Light-Weight Material With Non-Skid Heart
  •  Large Pocket For Diapers, Wipes, Keys, Wallet, Etc…
  •  Smaller Pockets For Cell Phone & Other Small Personal Items
  •  Very Easy To Use & Excellent For Short Trips
  •  Small Enough To Take Anywhere


  •  Not For Mom’s/Dad’s With Waists Over 40″


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The Baby Hip Hugger is well thought out and very sturdy. It’s fanny-pack design is light-weight with a durable fabric, a non-skid heart for your child to sit on, and enough pockets that you can actually forgo the diaper bag!  I was really impressed by my first observation, but as any mom knows, it doesn’t actually mean anything unless it holds up to your active lifestyle.  I decided to strap on the Baby Hip Hugger and try it out for myself.

The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to put on.  You wrap it around your waist, clip the buckles together, and tighten it to fit your waist.  That’s it!!!  My daughter, who’s 6 months old, hates slings and baby carriers, but didn’t mind sitting on top of this at all.  She actually really liked it!  We walked around the house, then decided to take a long walk with our entire family, came back home, did some chores together, and started making dinner.  The whole time she sat comfortably and my back wasn’t hurting from carrying her around!  Its’ smart design allowed me to carry her without being hunched over to one side,  I love it!  Since then, we’ve gone on several outings, and it’s been great to have the Baby Hip Hugger around my waist the entire time.  In a few short weeks, we will be traveling half way across the U.S. and this will be the only carrier-type device I will bring along.  I can see it being excellent to use at rest stops, shopping, on adventures with my family, or just about any occasion!


When choosing a Baby Hip Hugger, there are a few things to consider.  First, there are two different styles available depending on the age of your child.  The Infant Style should be used when the child is able to sit by themselves up to 10 months or 22 pounds.  The Toddler Style should be used for children 10 months or 22 pounds to 36 months or 40 pounds.  I have the Toddler Style for my 6 month old and it works fine.  Personally, I like that she’s not going to outgrow it in a few months, so I can use it for awhile.  (I’m not saying you should make the same decision, only that it works for me.)   The color options available for the Hip Huggers are understated and very grown up, which I love.  Mine is a deep chocolate-brown color that hides stains and dirt really well.  The other color options are black, pink, denim, blue, red, and beige.  The Hip Hugger is for parents with waists no larger than 40″.  There is also a $15 blue or black attachable pouch you can purchase for additional storage.

A Few Tips:

When you purchase a Baby Hip Hugger from Baby Nari, make sure you place it around your actual waist line.  If you try to wear it around your hips, it presses into your leg a little and can get uncomfortable.  Also, tighten it as tight as you can to help keep it firmly in place and for maximum comfort.  The instructions tell you to do that as well, but I didn’t really think too much about it, and it made a big difference.  Also, as an added bonus, when I wore it around my actual waist, it sucked in my leftover pregnancy belly, making me appear thinner- who doesn’t like that?!   I would highly recommend this product to any mom!

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