Review of Haiku’s Rumi Backpack & Luggage Tag

Haiku's Rumi Backpack


friend, our closeness is this: anywhere you put your foot, feel me in the firmness under you —rumi, translated by coleman barks

Finally, a durable yet chic backpack for a plethora of women! My family of 6 and I are almost always on the move and Haiku’s Rumi backpack does not slow us down.  Inspired by a Haiku poem, the Rumi line combines themes from nature with ample functionality all rolled into one. The designers kept the modern women in scope and allowed for travel smart capabilities to everyday Mom needs. They’ve thought of everything making this backpack incredibly street chic!

There are 2 main compartments in Haiku’s Rumi Backpack. The first has a multitude of pockets from holding pens to credit and business cards, your cell phone, books, personal items, papers, and more.  There is also plenty of room at the bottom of that pocket to stuff diapers and wipes or clothing, a camera, and other bulky items.

The second main compartment (which is also the back half of the backpack) has a fabulous padded laptop pocket where you can store your laptop and unzip the zippers “butterfly style” so the back half of the backpack will lay flat for TSA screenings. The laptop pocket is attached to the inside of the backpack with sturdy Velcro strips which allow for easy removal for screening, or to take only the laptop pocket if desired. Or, if you’re a mom like me and don’t always take your laptop with you, you can unzip the back half of the backpack and change a baby on it- thank you Haiku!

The front compartment is a smaller zip pocket that’s large enough for a medium-sized notebook. I like to store my journal in there for on the go inspiration or quick notes. On the side of the backpack are two water-bottle pockets that expand with elastic straps to accommodate different size bottles. It’s also a great place to stash keys in a rush!

The Rumi backpack comes in two beautiful colors that I had a lot of difficulty choosing between. The first is a calming green color called “Sprout” that has a gorgeous lavender-rose colored lining. The second is a more vibrant yet still peaceful blue called “Ocean” with a beautiful dark maroon lining. On the outside there is a simple flower embroidery that is modern and keeps in tone with the backpack.  The Rumi poem is etched into the front of the backpack in a subtle way as well.

The Luggage Tag comes in the same colors as the backpack, Ocean and Sprout. It attaches to baggage using a side release buckle, has a sturdy twill ribbon that holds the buckle, and is 2.5″w x 4.5″h. The opening for the luggage tag is the perfect size to slip a business card in. It is extremely professional looking but unique with it’s feminine design.

Not only is the Rumi Backpack and Luggage Tag from Haiku beautiful and functional, but all of Haiku’s products are made from recycled water bottles. Haiku’s Rumi Backpack is saving landfills 51.2, 16-ounce water bottles per bag, now that’s environmentally friendly!

I love that Haiku’s Rumi Backpack has thick padded straps that support my shoulders and back when I fill it up with all of my family’s gear. Also, it truly is so durable that I can use it on day hiking trips or as my carry-on when traveling. Since receiving the Haiku Rumi backpack, I have ditched my diaper bag and purse and instead take this everywhere. The only time I leave it at home is when I go on a date with my hubby.  But even then, it’s with me so often I almost feel obligated to tuck it in next to my other kids and kiss it goodnight before leaving the house!

To get a Rumi Backpack or Luggage Tag for yourself, visit their website today!  The luggage tags are only $7 and the backpack is $118 .


*This review is based on a complimentary Haiku Rumi Backpack and Luggage Tag.  The company did not state that I express a particular point of view and I did not receive any additional compensation.  My opinions on this product are mine alone.  Thanks!

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