Review of the Go-Go Babyz Wagon Stroller

Go-Go Babyz Wagon Stroller combines function and versatility for a fun day out with the family. As a parent it seems the modes of travel for the youngsters are endless and you really just have to find what works for you by trial and error. We have been diverse in our needs, using frame packs, soft carriers, strollers of all kinds and wagons for our endless excursions. When I heard about Go-Go Babyz Wagon Stroller I was intrigued. The Wagon Stroller is just that – a two-in-one option that even folds down to fit into most vehicles. I knew this was something our family had to try!


Go-Go Babyz Wagon Stroller



Easy assembly

3-setting telescoping stroller handle

Very Spacious & Comfortable

Packs easily & relatively lightweight

Easy to maneuver

Can go off-road

High quality materials



Non-removable wagon handle

A little wide for inside stores


The Wagon Stroller can be pulled like a wagon or pushed like a stroller. It has many options that vary in price and utility, and we chose to go with the two seat option. The inside of the wagon though too small for me to actually try out myself, looked very comfortable. Our first test of the Wagon Stroller was through about four inches of wet snow at a state park and it proved to “off-road” very well! As a tip though, be gentle with it in cooler temperatures, as we had our plastic clip that holds the wagon handle upright snap off (from what we can almost certainly attribute to cold weather!) Our son was comfortable as we trekked across the frozen landscape in search of adventure! There is a five-point harness in each seat for optimum safety and plenty of cushioning for comfort. Featuring two settings, your children can recline or sit upright.



The braking system is a foot brake that can be pulled up or pushed down to make stopping (and staying put) really easy. This is an AWESOME tool for farmer’s markets with kids! Before, I was trying to juggle pushing a stroller with a wiggly kid and carrying a watermelon and other goodies. Now, they can all ride together and my son is happily a “helper!” It also comes in so handy for day-trips that require walking tours–like the zoo! The Go-Go Babyz Wagon Stroller so perfect for those that do not always pack light!


What is amazing is that it folds down like an accordion into a travel-size that is smaller than our single jogging stroller. We assembled the Wagon Stroller and had to hand it to the folks at Go-Go Babyz—it was really easy assembly, taking less than five minutes. Our son then filled it with stuffed animals and blankets and read books for nearly an hour, a benefit of the large wagon that I hadn’t anticipated! We have since even gotten him to take a short nap by coaxing him into the Wagon Stroller! I’m beginning to see that there is potential for this handy device in many situations! You can take both seats out to make a wagon-style (or stroller-style) cart that makes your life easier even when the kids are not around!


We only wished that there was a canopy of some sort that could be an optional accessory and that the wagon handle could be removed as easily as the stroller handle for more versatility. Starting at $299.99 for the Standard model, the Go-Go Babyz Wagon Stroller can be purchased from their website.



I received a complimentary Wagon Stroller from Go-Go Babyz to complete this review but all opinions are my own and this wagon stroller really is awesome!  
Amanda Williams is a Trekaroo Midwest Destination Specialist, self-proclaimed bird nerd, and lover of all adventures alongside her toddler son.



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