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I received the Go Anywhere Booster Seat just days before my family and I were scheduled to go on our first vacation of the summer. I excitedly unwrapped the package and couldn’t wait to try out the new booster! This seat is a compact booster that wraps itself into an efficient package for traveling. Once ready to use, the seat attaches to a full sized chair to use as a safe and secure booster.

Go Anywhere Booster Seat


– Compact

– Easy to carry

– Easy to clean

– 5 point harness

– Packs nicely in vehicle

– Lightweight

– Trendy design


– Doesn’t fit all chairs

– Shoulder straps are too short

– Cushion is not large enough

– Flimsy backrest

This Go Anywhere Booster Seat was tested on a vacation in Myrtle Beach, at a Lake House in Guilford Lake, Ohio, and in a cabin in Warren, Pa.

I immediately noticed the trendiness of the seat. I pulled the package off of the booster to reveal a small briefcase type case in a beautiful chocolate brown color. There were 3 straps and a handle that were accented in a light blue color. It was very attractive and I hadn’t even opened the seat! I put the case over my shoulder and used the attached shoulder strap. It was so lightweight that I couldn’t believe that a booster seat would appear out of this neat little package! The seat is contained within the straps and has a circle design with coordinating colors of beige, white, blue and brown. This fabric is a strong, easy to clean material, and the straps were tough with tight clasps that would make any mom feel good about putting her child into this booster.

I planned to use the seat for 2 small children, and the color was perfect for a boy or a girl. As I used the Go Anywhere Booster Seat throughout the weeks, I definitely noticed lots of moms looking my way to see what new baby gear I had in my possession. I unwrapped the booster and started attaching it to the tall seat of a busy restaurant in the center of the touristy Myrtle Beach. That was my first mistake! I spent more time on the floor under the chair trying to clasp the straps and tighten them than I did eating. When I finally got the bottom straps situated, then it was time to move on to the back strap. This one was much easier to tighten. The seat was a straight backed chair with a tall wood frame. This seat was ideal for the booster seat. I plopped my 2 year old into the seat and placed the straps over his shoulders. I then clipped all of the straps and loosened them all the way. He isn’t incredibly tall, but the straps tugged on his shoulders, causing my son to sit slumped most of the dinner. If the straps were raised and attached to the back rest 2 inches higher, the seat might be a better fit for more children.

My first test with the seat was a rough one, but I was determined to make my second attempt go a little smoother!

We stayed in a hotel one night and we went to eat breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Here, they only had shorter rounded backed chairs for the guests. As I learned the night before, I clasped the straps then tightened them. As I attached the backrest strap, it immediately slipped off. I spent most of breakfast holding my son into the seat as the back wouldn’t stay on and hold him firmly to the chair.

The third time we tried to use the booster, the restaurant had bench seats. I tucked the booster seat on the floor and was unable to use it.

I did try a few more times but quickly got frustrated. I brought the seat back home and attached it to one of my high backed square chairs and introduced my 1 year old to the seat. It fit him much better than my older son. The seat has a 40 pound maximum weight limit on the package, but I cannot imagine any child over 25 pounds using it. The straps pushed the child’s shoulders down and didn’t allow for them to sit straight. The cushion on the bottom of the seat is a nice, sturdy material, but a little too thin. Some of the chairs were shorter than the others which made the child sit too low in comparison to the rest of the table. The backrest is also a bit flimsy and might be a better fit to use stronger material inside the bag. After our 3 vacations, I brought home the seat and used a wet cloth with a little soap to wash the spots and freshen it up. Each food stain was removed, and the material wiped clean! I was incredibly impressed with the ease of cleaning. This is a very important detail in the making of any child seat.

Both children that tried the seat absolutely loved sitting in the booster. They cried when I pulled them out of it each time. I think it was comfortable and cushiony. Other than the shoulder straps being too low, they sat happily each time we used the seat.

The product promised each point and delivered on that promise. In the perfect environment, the seat was a wonderful booster and would be a nice addition to the gear that most mothers carry to ensure a wonderful night out with the family. The Go Anywhere Booster Seat has a retail value of $ 39.99. For that price, I would not be happy with my purchase of the booster seat. With a lower price point, maybe around $25.00, I would be satisfied with the purchase.

With a few minor changes to the seat, I would definitely consider recommending the seat to other moms.

by: kat42180


“This complimentary product was received from the manufacturer to be reviewed by Trekaroo. I received no other compensation, and was not required to express any particular point of view”

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