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Review of the Fohawx Helmet Accessory

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)

If you have a kid who dislikes wearing a ski helmet or bike helmet, you need to get him or her a Fohawx! What is it? Fohawx are lightweight foam helmet accessories shaped like mohawks and dreadlocks that your child will love wearing. Each fohawx style is brightly colored and completely safe, and attach with included velcro to any type or style of helmet. (Fohawx could also be used in a variety of ways for Halloween costumes.)

Our son wears his bike helmet with a fohawx, and will wear his ski helmet this way as well. Kids can pick from ‘punkrox’ (mohawk style), wavz (crown/wave style) or dreadlock style. Bonus use: with a fohawx on his head, we can easily spot our child in a line-up of ski school kids, or turning down the mountain! Get one for under $20.



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