Review of Diono Radian RXT Child Carseat

We love to travel, but we live for safety. Yes, we’re those parents that are always tightening straps on helmets and reading intriguing articles about new car seat recommendations. That said, sometimes, safety and travel are hard to marry up. Let us introduce to you, the Diono Radian RXT car seat, where finally, it’s been done. Travel + safety for the little ones in the family! It’s also just a great, comfy safety seat in general that was easy to install. Diono makes several different styles of car seats (boosters, backless boosters, convertibles, etc.) this one just seemed like the best fit for our family, great for travel and one of the wildly popular models on the market now.

The Radian RXT is really ONE car seat for your kiddo’s entire range of needs over time. If you don’t mind missing out on the “carrier” car seat during the infancy stage, this is the seat to covet. We were marsupial parents and we had a giant baby, so missing the carrier was not an issue for us. The Radian RXT allows extended rear-facing safety and can be used with kids from five to 120 lbs.

This is the slimmest car seat that we’ve encountered, a mere 17 inches wide, making it perfect for plane travel! It is also FAA regulation—this is an important one, because if it is NOT approved then they will not let you use it on the airplane. The chest strap buckle is plastic, but it feels really well-made. It’s a quality “snap” sound that resonates with a clunky click of conscience-assuring containment! It comes with a heavy-duty cup holder, but we take those off (it’s there though, if that’s important to you!) The toddler cushions make getting in a little bit more time-consuming (if you need to position it just so, like I do) but in the end, it looks more cozy for the child—another positive factor in my mind.

The additional option of carry straps and the fact that the seat folds up, to the size of a large backpack, makes it one of the best for a stow-and-go type of travel seat. The seat DOES weigh about 26 pounds, so you won’t be trekking the jungle depths with it on your back, but it’s handy for airport shuffling and shuttling. In addition to the carry straps, there is a carrying bag and SEVERAL other travel add-ons and accessories that can make life a little easier for you and your tots!


Here are some accessories that we ADORE:

Diono Ultra Mat Full-Size Seat Protector

Diono Organizer & Cooler

Diono Space Maker Stroller Storage


Easy installation

Accommodates the full range of car seat needs

Comfortable & plush features, great quality

Packs easily, great for travel

Slim (can fit three across in many vehicles) and fits in plane seats

FAA approved

Awesome User Manual

Tons of colors & totally cute


Higher cost than most (but well worth it!)

Heavier than some, but again, manageable!

High-backed when Rear-facing

Top Tether is a new concept for some, but easy to find info about securing it


Buy it on, Diono Radian RXT Car Seat


I received a complimentary Diono Radian RXT and some rad accessories, for review on my personal blog, BUT wanted to share the goodness with Trekaroo, too! All opinions are my own and this car seat really is wicked awesome for travel!  
Amanda Williams is a Trekaroo Midwest Destination Specialist, self-proclaimed bird nerd, and lover of all adventures big and small with her family by her side.

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at 11/04/2013 09:00PM laurenrichins wrote:

What a fantastic review. I love your use of alliteration. I’m looking at a Diono booster seat right now. I usually buy Britax, but I hear it’s a great brand.

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