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There are many things that can ruin a perfect marriage; infidelity, poor communication, financial issues; and of course, assembling the family’s camping tent.  If you have ever stood on the opposite side of your spouse over an unassembled tent trying to slide one of those skinny little tent poles through those delicate fabric tent pole slots, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  I honestly believe that tent engineers have an evil intent when developing tents; they seek to destroy perfect marriages.  Why else would they create camping shelters with 4 different pole sizes that break apart, fold up, then never stay connected when needed?  And why is it that the tent assembly instructions are strategically placed on that little white flap INSIDE the tent?

Alas, Coleman has stepped in to save marriages, and preserve sanity by offering families an easy alternative to tent assembly with its Instant Tent.  One person can easily set up this marriage-saving miracle tent within minutes.  I know this to be true, because I successfully set up our Coleman 8 person Instant Tent alone, and before my hubby could even light the campfire with lighter fluid!   Check out this video which demonstrates exactly how easy it is to assemble the Coleman Instant Tent.

Coleman Tent

Coleman Instant Tent


  • The poles are already attached to the tent.  There is no trying to figure out which pole goes where.
  • The 8 person Instant Tent is large enough to hold 2 queen air mattresses.
  • The tent offers extra-large windows covered with netting that can be unzipped from the inside.
  • The tent’s easy step-by-step assembly instructions are placed along the poles, rather than inside the tent or on an instruction sheet that will eventually get lost.
  • The Instant Tent offers a 6’4” ceiling height.
  • The tent fabric is heavy duty and much less likely to tear.
  • Disassembly of the tent is just as easy as assembly

Coleman Tent - inside


  • The unassembled tent is heavy and takes up a lot of trunk space when packing for a car camping trip.   This is because the tent poles are large and already attached, adding extra weight and size to the package.
  • The unassembled tent barely fits in the tent bag.  It takes a little squeezing and shoving to get everything to fit just right.
  • The zipper door entrance is covered by a small Velcro-lined flap that often gets stuck in the zipper when opening and closing.
  • The heavier tent fabric can be loud if you happen to be camping in windy weather.



The Instant Tent alleviates the work normally involved with setting up the camp shelter.  In fact, my spouse and I used to spend at least an hour assembling our old tent, bickering the entire time.  The Instant tent solves that problem; making camping easier and much more enjoyable.  Within minutes, setting up the tent is checked off the to-do camping list.  Next item on the to-do camping list: s’mores!


Disclosure:  Although Coleman provided my family with a complimentary 8-person Instant Tent, my opinions are always my own and not influenced by staff or affiliates.



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