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Clek Foonf is the Hummer of child carseats.This child carseat is made for children weighing between 14 and 65 lbs. and standing between 25 to 49 inches tall.  It has a convertible design that allows it to be used either forward or rear facing. In America, it’s advised to keep kids in rear-facing car seats until 24 months of age—or until they reach the maximum height and weight for their seat. Internationally however, best practices advise keeping toddlers rear-facing even longer. In response, Foonf gives parents the option of keeping their children rear-facing until their 4th birthday.


clek foonf

Clek Foonf Carseat


At 32 lbs., Foonf is nearly twice the weight of my former Britax Marathon. This seat means business and feels indestructible! In the event of an auto accident, it’s easy for me to imagine my Foonf remaining unscathed, allowing my son to emerge from the wreckage unharmed like Baby Superman climbing out of the crater. Here’s how Foonf weighs in against its competitors:


Foonf’s a heavy hitter because it’s loaded with safety technology. Energy-absorbing foam inside the headrest and along the inner and outer frame and a reinforced steel and magnesium sub-structure makes Foonf the Hummer of car seats! Rest assured, your child’s head and body is well protected against side-impact collision in the event of an accident.


Cleck foonf



At first glance, Foonf’s Anti-Rebound Bar looks like a cool footrest devised for the riding comfort of your child; but upon deeper inspection, you’ll see it’s much more. Designed for rear-facing only and in conjunction with the supplied rear-facing base, the Anti-Rebound Bar pushes up against a vehicle’s back seat to secure a snug installation. When a child seat is installed with a nice tight fit, it’s more stable and in the event of a collision, it’s less likely to rotate, reducing the probability of injury. Or in other words, Foonf’s Anti-Rebound Bar is more safety AND more comfort.


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LATCH stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children. Anchors are the sets of small bars located in your car’s back seat where the upper and lower cushions meet. Tethers are the attachments on your child’s seat that fasten to anchors. In most car seats, tethers resemble narrow buckles on nylon belts dangling from each side of the seat. With the Foonf, traditional tethers are located under the seat’s front cushion to be used for rear-facing installation, but for forward-facing installation, rigid lower connectors can be extended out from the back of the seat’s base—like metal arms—and inserted between your car seat cushions to attach to your vehicle’s anchors, i.e., no more wedging your hand between car seat cushions blindly searching for your car’s anchors; now you have Go-Go-Gadget arms to spare you the hassle.


clek foonf


Foonf comes in a variety of fun colors and adorable Paul Frank patterns. All but one of Foonf’s editions comes with Crypton Super Fabrics—fabric engineered to protect against stains, wetness, and odor-causing bacteria.
Foonf’s GREENGUARD Certified Crypton Super Fabric eliminates the need for a removable cover and I’m overjoyed! I hated the cover of my last car seat because my son loved to flip it over and tear off its cotton backing while he was sitting in it. It made a huge mess and there was nothing left between his tush and the seat’s foam pads except a layer of fabric. I imagine sitting in his old Britax was probably about as comfortable as sitting on a foam cooler.



  • Space efficient, 3 across seating is possible
  • Approved for use in aircraft
  • Magnets to keep harness straps out of the way
  • Effortless recline function


TIP: Though approved for air travel, it’s my opinion that the Foonf is too heavy to do so. Trekking through the airport with a Foonf would be a painful experience. Even though I believe my new Foonf clearly puts my Britax to shame in both safety and quality, I’ll be holding on to my old car seat for air travel. I’d also like to add that before opening the box to my Foonf, I loved my Britax. It’s just that the Foonf is so well made, it has opened my eyes to a new standard of child seat safety. It totally raised the bar.


I received a complimentary Foonf from Clek to complete this review, but all opinions are my own. I’m not foonf’ing around here people.



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