Review of Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair


One of the most challenging things about traveling with babies and toddlers is figuring out how to feed them on-the-go. Luckily, the smart women of the Jamberly Group have you covered with the Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair. This chair is simply brilliant.


The Pros:

PORTABILITY:  The name says it all. Say ciao as you and your family head off on adventures with it in tow. Built on the same premise as a folding camping chair, the Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair collapses and stores in its own carrying bag. Weighing only 8lbs, it is easy to carry over one shoulder on the way to the picnic area, campsite, hotel room, or wherever your little one needs his lunch. It also does not take up much room in the car. It can easily be packed alongside the rest of your family’s gear or even be kept in the car for times when you might find yourself out and about for a spontaneous meal.

FABRIC: Let’s be honest, babies and toddlers who are learning to eat are MESSY! They can easily destroy a high chair during the course of a meal. The Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair is easy to clean. The vinyl covering over the tray portion is a breeze to wipe off. The nemesis of cleaning high chairs is usually the nooks and crannies where food can hide. In the Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair, these sections are the little seat for the baby and the awesome built in cup holder. However, since the chair’s fabric is so durable, it can be wiped off or even hosed off if you have a hose available. An added plus? The chair is light enough to flip over and shake out any remaining bits. It’s actually MUCH easier to clean than the standard high chair that resides in my kitchen.

SAFETY: It’s important to keep little ones safe and secure all the time, and meal time is no exception. Many times a high chair restraint system still leaves enough give to allow young babies to slide to the side and toddlers to try to escape. The makers of the Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair created a seat that the child sits in with leg holes AND then went the extra mile to add an additional buckled child restraint.  I used the Ciao! Baby with my son when he was just learning to sit up (5-7 months) and felt that he was very secure. The chair also has locking mechanisms on both legs to prevent the chair from folding on its own. The makers say that it will accommodate children up to age 3. Just for fun, I tried to see if my long and lanky 4 year old would fit. While it was a tight squeeze to get him out, he fit and was comfortable. So, it is very plausible that an average 2-3 year old would easily be able to use this chair.


The Cons:

The only con that I can really think of is that we went on a recent plane trip and were hoping to be able to take the high chair with us. Sadly, it was too tall to fit in even our largest rolling bag. While we could have paid the extra baggage fee to bring it along, we opted not to since it was going to be a quick visit. Had we been going for a longer time, the fee may have been more worth it.


The Bottom Line:

The Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair is a fantastic invention for families on-the-go.



Disclaimer: I received the Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair for the purposes of this review. As always, my opinions are completely my own.



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