Review of Chicco’s KeyFit 30 Car Seat

Chicco KeyFit Car Seat

Chicco’s KeyFit 30 Car Seat

When I discovered I was pregnant with our second child, I began the long and time consuming process of looking for a new infant car seat. I had a specific set of criteria the infant seat must meet:

– Good safety rating

– Fit behind the driver’s seat comfortably

–  Easy to use buckles

– Easy to install base with LATCH or without the base using a seatbelt

–  Able to work with our current stroller frame

–  30 pound weight limit

–  Affordable


After narrowing down my options online I went to a nearby baby store to compare ease of use and size. I left the store thinking that the Chicco KeyFit 30 was very easy to buckle and looked like it may be compact enough to fit in our Subaru without having the front seat pushed all the way forward. However, I still wasn’t ready to make the purchase.


It just so happened that one of my friends already had the Chicco KeyFit seat. She, her baby girl, my 3 year old girl and I all piled in my car for a 45 minute drive to a pumpkin patch. Since my husband is taller than I am and the Subaru is my primary vehicle I chose to install the Chicco on the driver’s side. I was impressed with how quickly my friend was able to uninstall the seat with the base from her car and install it in mine. I did have to move my seat up further than I like to make the seat fit, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. After an hour and a half round trip, I was still comfortable driving with the infant seat behind me. I also had opportunities to strap her squirmy baby in the car seat.  No struggling with the straps! I decided it was time to buy.


I chose the Miro pattern Chicco KeyFit 30. I like the fun design and it stands out against the others; I sometimes get compliments on the pattern from strangers.


car seat baby


Our little boy made his debut early and unexpected. The car seat was still in the box at the house when we were at the hospital. My parents ended up unpacking it and installing it in my car without any problem. I have since installed the base myself, and we’ve also used it without a base. Chicco claims to be the easiest to install infant car seat and I have to agree. We had a different brand with our daughter and the Chicco is much easier. The LATCH connectors for the base push on to the LATCH clips in the car. No need to try to squeeze your fingers in that small space to make sure it hooks properly. The strap in the middle of the base allows you to make sure it’s installed snugly. We took the seat on vacation with us without the base in a small rental SUV. The seat fit very comfortably with no need to push the seats up at all. It was no problem securing the seat without the base using the seat belt. Having the car seat installed properly is so important that I really appreciate how easy Chicco makes the installation. We also have a spare base from a friend that is a few years old and is compatible with our newer seat. We leave this in our Tahoe where the KeyFit fits nicely right next to our daughter’s booster seat.


Here are some bonuses where I have been very happy with the carrier:  I have a Graco stroller frame and a Joovy caboose stroller. I’ve been able to use the Chicco KeyFit 30 with both easily. The extended sunshade on the carrier is an added bonus. As a newborn it provided a lot of protection. As he has grown, he has tugged on it with all of his might and it has held up beautifully. This may be attributed to being different kids, but while my daughter hated being in her car seat, my son falls asleep in the KeyFit 30 almost every time we are in the car.


My ten month old son is now over 22 lbs and still fits comfortably in the car seat. I am really glad it goes up to 30 lbs otherwise I would need to buy a new car seat before he turns a year old. I really feel like I have gotten more value out of the seat since I will be able to use it for the entire first year of his life. I have been using the car seat for 10 months now and my only complaint would be that the carrier alone is 9 lbs; it gets heavy when you add a hefty baby! However, after using two different infant carriers with my two kids, I’d highly recommend the Chicco KeyFit 30 to anyone.


Key Fit Car Seat


by: Trekaroo/keebz



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*Disclosure: The author received a complimentary Chicco Keyfit 30 in order to complete this unbiased review for Trekaroo. Chicco did not ask for any particular opinions to be expressed and all opinions are entirely those of the author.

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