Review of Catchie, the carseat catchall

Car rides with children in car seats can be a hassle. One of the top annoyances for parents is kids dropping or throwing things out of their reach. Most family size vehicles are too big to allow parents to retrieve their kids’ favorite items without stopping the car.

Enter Catchie Concepts. I have never seen anything like it. The Catchie is a mat that goes under the car seat and extends out over the floor, attaching to the back of the front seat stopping those sippie cups, cars, goldfish crackers, and character figurines from falling to the floor. So convenient!!



The Pros:

Great Material: The first thing that I noticed is that the Catchie is made of really great material. The backing feels rugged like it will stand up to kids messes, while the fabric designs are modern and gorgeous. The vinyl that comes in contact with the car seat and the items is actually very smooth and soft. The Catchie has side and front raised borders that stop the items it catches from rolling off the sides.

Easy Installation: Installing the Catchie is a breeze. It’s simply a matter of removing the car seat, placing the Catchie on the seat, attaching it to the back of the seat in front of it (with either the included clips or strap), and putting the seat back in place.

Convenience: Truly, this is a smart product. It puts a halt to whining about dropped items, and also saves the bottom of the car from being littered with snacks etc. During a recent 4 hour car ride, we gave our son the challenge of dropping several items out of his seat, and the Catchie caught them all. We were also able to retrieve all of the superheroes who keep launching themselves out of his hands, which kept him playing and happy in his seat instead of being upset that his “guys” were lost.

Length of Use: Catchie is ideal for kids who are not old enough to climb in or out of their car seats on their own. We installed ours first for our 4 year old who is still in a 5 point harness, front facing car seat. He is tall for his age, but his shoes did not come in contact with the Catchie. However, we needed to lift him in and out of the seat so that the Catchie could stay in place. It is possible to un-hook the Catchie from the pocket of the driver’s seat to allow a child to climb up into his/her seat. It just would mean an added step that wasn’t worth it to me at the time. It seems feasible that a family could use one Catchie per child for the entire time the child uses a car seat.

One added bonus that we discovered, the Catchie is a great way to hide items from view. There was enough room under the Catchie for our diaper bag, and the space would have been able to keep hidden something more valuable or something that we wanted to shield from the kids’ eyes.

The Cons:

Price: As I said, it is VERY well made, and beautifully designed. The Catchie is a wonderful product, but is priced a bit high for what it does.

Non-machine Washable: The Catchie can be spot cleaned and the vinyl wiped off, however, with how many trips I’ve been on with my carsick little one, I would have loved it if the Catchie was machine washable.


The Bottom Line:

If you are a family that does a lot of car-based travel either around town or road trips, the Catchie is a very nice, helpful product to make life a little more peaceful.


*Disclaimer: I received a complementary Catchie from Catchie Concepts in order to complete this review. However, all opinions are entirely my own.



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