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Lightweight, functional, and compact are qualities I’d use to describe my idea of the perfect travel stroller. The 2013 Bumbleride Flite stroller met all of my criteria and a whole lot more. With an ultra-slim fold and handy carrying strap, it’s the perfect travel companion for road trips and air travel.

I tested our Bumbleride Flite in hoards of parks, waterparks, museums, and on a road trip from Illinois to New York. It took up very little space in our mid-sized car’s trunk, leaving plenty of room for luggage. Instead of fitting it in our trunk like a jigsaw puzzle, the Flite filled in the gaps as opposed to hogging prime real estate.

Bumbleride Flite stroller - gorgeous and functionalBumbleride Flite stroller - front

What’s Great
At just 14 pounds, Flite’s features are impressive. Unlike most umbrella strollers, the backrest lays down for a snooze on-the-go and Flite’s SPF-45 UV lined canopy is extra-large for maximum sun coverage. The footrest can be adjusted to prop up tired legs allowing for a natural sleeping position.

Flite’s dual front and rear wheel suspension allows it to turn quickly and efficiently. The 5-point padded breakaway harness keeps children secure, yet comfortable. For parents, it comes with padded handles that wick away moisture. There’s even a convenient cup holder that doesn’t fall off. Hooray!

Flite’s fabric options are both gorgeous and functional. We received the vibrant Cayenne Red stroller and were impressed with how soft, durable, and moisture-absorbing the material proved to be.

Flite is a faultless stroller for all types of weather; it even stands up to wet-bottomed kids fresh out of the pool! The stroller is so comfortable that my son crawls inside it for a ride, even when we’re at home!

What impressed me the most when I opened the Flite box was all of the accessories that came standard. In addition to the great stroller you’re expecting to unpack, you’ll also receive a universal car seat adaptor, comfortable shoulder straps, and a cup holder! Additional accessories can be purchased to turn this all-in-one into a serious workhorse.

The Bumbleride Flite stroller fits in your trunk.

Could Be Better:
Storage space is at a minimum, enough for a small bag beneath the stroller and a zippered compartment in the canopy to store your cell phone and keys.

Maybe it’s having a 17-month-old and being pregnant, but putting the stroller together with the difficult and darkly pictured instructions was not a simple process. What I expected to take about 5 minutes ended up being around 30 minutes. It doesn’t help that my toddler insisted on “helping” in the construction, but even without his interference, I can’t imagine it would’ve been much quicker.


Bottom Line:
In the compact stroller market, Bumbleride Flite is top of the line. I feel posh and proud to be pushing around my son as we head to the children’s museum, along the riverwalk, or through airport security. My husband even commented to me that Flite is definitely the nicest “umbrella” stroller he’s ever seen—he’s not even sure if it should fall into the same category of those lower tiered umbrella strollers with far fewer bells and whistles.

The Flite fits the needs of families with children ranging from infancy to elementary. From our traveling family to yours, this stroller will not disappoint, no matter how many miles you log.

Bumbleride Flite stroller - in the box

This complimentary product was received from Bumbleride to be reviewed by Trekaroo. I received no other compensation, and was not required to express any particular point of view.

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