Review of the Britax Boulevard Car Seat

I am in love!…believe it or not, it’s with a car seat.

Our family received the Britax Boulevard car seat a couple of months ago and it’s raised our bar for car seats to a new level.  After we were in a major accident in 2009 where our car was thrust side ways into another car,  the importance of side impact protection on a car seat was driven home in a very real way.  Britax’s newest line of Boulevard car seats include puffy head restraint cushions that slide up and down for perfect positioning to protect your little one’s precious noodle.

Britax Boulevard Car Seat


  • Very comfortable
  • Well made with durable fabrics
  • Easy to install and adjust straps and side impact cushions
  • Easy to clean
  • Top safety rating


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Cupholder sold seperately

Did you know that most of the auto accidents that result in the fatality for children are due to side impact collisions?  That’s because there is nothing between the child and the point of impact to dampen the force.  It’s the same reason that safety specialist recommend children sit in the middle seat.  Well, if you have more than one child, then in all likelihood, you’ve got at least one kid sitting next to a door. The Boulevard offers maximum side impact protection with a head restraint made out of energy absorbing EPP form.

The moment I took the Britax Boulevard out of the box, I could tell this was one solidly built baby.  In fact, it has integreated steel bars that reduce forward flexing during a collison.  Other state of the art safety technology that the Britax Boulevard boast is the Energy Absorbing Versa Tether which slows forward movement and reduces the force of sudden braking on the child.  Safety Cell Technology compresses in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat which normally propels the child toward the front seat.
Before I got the Britax Boulevard, we’d been happily using a Safety First Complete Air car seat with side impact protection as well.  (Read my review of the Safety First Complete Air Car seat.)  However, true to the Britax reputation, everything about the Britax Boulevard is top notch quality.  The cute removable car seat cover is made of a super durable fabric.  It’s so comfy to sit on, easy to remove, and washes without any issue.  The cover is so much more plush than the Safety First cover which ripped at the seams the first time I threw it in the washing machine.  Maybe I was suppose to handwash it?  Sorry, but this mama does not hand wash anything.  On the other hand, I’ve thrown our Britax cover into the washing machine numerous times and it’s still in great shape.
All the adjustments on the Britax Boulevard are super easy to access unlike on all their older lines.  The seat was so easy to install because you can just lift the center panel behind your child’s back to help thread the seat belt through to the other side. This is a major improvement in design from our 8 year old Britax Roundabout.  I am delighted to report that awkward maneuvering and swearing while installing a car seat has disappeared from our car.

Our 5 year old still fits in the Britax Boulevard and loves it so much. He is willing to hold off on moving into a big boy booster to enjoy the comfyness of the Boulevard.  And if you know any 5 year olds younger brothers, that says a lot.  The angle of the seat is slightly reclined which make is perfect for young children.  Since we like to go on long road trips, the Boulevard is perfect for encouraging a long nap.  The side impact cushions provide some added neck support too.  Cha-ching – what a nice bonus benefit.
The only down side I see is that this sturdy car seat sure is heavy.  If you’re planning to fly with a car seat, you might feel sorry to be lugging this heavy item through the airport.  It is also probably too big to fit comfortably on an economy class airplane seat.  However, I recommend prioritizing safety and everyday comfort over travel convenience.  If you are a two or three car family, perhaps you might want to splurge on two seats so you don’t have to keep carrying this heavy seat between your cars.

All in all, if I had 5 thumbs, I’d give the Britax Boulevard 5 thumbs up.



* I received the Britax Boulvard from the manufactrer  to review it.  However, the business owner did not require that I express any particular opinion. These views are entirely my own.



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