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I am a mom who runs. I love running. I love getting outside and exploring with my kids. I like being able to navigate as much of the terrain as possible. That said when I looked into strollers before the birth of my first son, five years ago, the BOB Revolution popped up time and time again as one of the best for someone who truly wanted to be able to run with the stroller. So, I let everyone know that this was the one thing that I wanted for our new baby (and myself).

Five years later, I still think that getting “BOB”, as we affectionately call it, was the best decision that I made. BOB has enabled me to be able to run with my kids, take them to theme parks, walk through national parks, and more. Basically, any adventure that we have gone on as a family, BOB came too. When our family added a second child to the mix, we didn’t hesitate in purchasing “Big BOB” A BOB Revolution Duallie.

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Here’s what I loved:

* Smooth as Silk-The steering was so smooth. Anytime that I happened to push a stroller of any other brand, I was shocked by how heavy and clumsy the navigation was, even on strollers that were said to be “jogging strollers”. Despite it’s weight (25lbs for the single and 34lbs for the double) it glided smoothly, which made it seem lighter on the road and trail than other strollers. Part of this may have been attributed to the swivel front wheel (which can be locked if needed) allowing for easier maneuverability.

*Comfort- I never felt that my kids were uncomfortable (nor have they complained) while in their strollers. The seats were deep and recline well. The overhead shade was adjustable, allowing for more or less sun as desired or needed. Each seat had two mesh side pockets to store all of their snacks, drinks, and any toys that they thought had to come along for the ride. Both kids were comfortable enough to fall asleep, including the eldest who continued to fall asleep in the stroller at age 5.

*Storage-Between the mesh pockets in the seat, a large mesh pocket behind the seat, and cargo basket under the seat provided enough room for our gear for a day at an amusement park.

*Durability-As I stated, I’ve been using the single BOB for five years straight as our main stroller. It still worked fantastically. The only thing that needed to be done to it is changing the tire tube when I ran over a thorn. I, as of the writing of this tip, have had the Duallie for over a year. It looks like the day we purchased it. Twice now on road-trips, it’s been on our roof rack and gotten the brunt of storms, but there’s no evidence of its ordeal.

*Customization-I appreciated that the BOB strollers have infant seat adapters. I started walking and running with the kids from the time we were cleared to do so. It was nice to have a stroller that gave me the option to safely get exercise with them.


Here are some downsides:

*Accessories not included-When I purchased both BOB strollers, all accessories were not included. So, we had to purchase the snack tray, infant seat adapter, handle bar console (parent drink holders and zippered pocket), sun and weather shields. The cost of these accessories added up quickly. I would have appreciated being able to pay one cost to get a full-equipped stroller. However, I understood that each family’s needs were different making an a la carte menu a good option.

*Space-Both the single and double took up quite a bit of space. I had a small SVU and the double took up the fast majority of floor space in the back of the car. When we traveled, we tended to put the stroller on the roof so that our suitcases etc. could fit inside. It was nice that the tires came off easily, making it a little smaller to store.

*Portability-The BOB strollers were clunky when folded down. They did come with a harness to make them as flat as possible, but they still required both of my hands for the most part. Unless I was planning on doing some major running on the other side of an airplane trip, I would leave the BOB at home.


Bottom Line:

BOB Strollers are fantastic options for runners and people who like to adventure outdoors with their kids.



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