Review of BabyBjorn’s Travel Crib Light 2

Right out of the box, it was apparent to me that BABYBJORN’s Travel Crib Light 2 was different from our Graco Pack ‘n Play.



I immediately took notice of its sleek, compact design and could tell from the get go, this crib was a winner. Our crib came in black; other color choices include blue and grey. Here’s how BABYBJORN’s Travel Crib Light 2 stands apart from our Pack ‘n Play:



  • Thicker mattress
  • Weighs just 11 lbs.
  • Solid black color
  • Ease of setup/take down



  • $211 selling price



Recently, on a family road trip, I tested the BABYBJORN head to head against our Graco. My youngest daughter, age nine months, experienced a good night’s rest and has been sleeping in it ever since. My older daughter likes our new crib too. Though the Travel Crib Light 2 is decidedly smaller than our Pack ‘n Play, my 3 ft. two-year-old daughter is quite comfortable in it. I believe she favors its plush mattress, which makes our Pack ‘n Play mattress feel like a thin piece of padded cardboard.





Travel Crib Light 2 is ready to go straight out of the box. Set up instructions are included, but not needed as the design is intuitive (unlike our Pack ‘n Play). Someone unfamiliar with the crib, like a sitter, could easily set it up without directions. Disassembly is equally simple. As mentioned earlier, my husband and I both like the fact that our Travel Crib Light 2 is a solid color, void of cartoon characters.




BABYBJORN’s Travel Crib Light 2 is a great product. At 11lbs., it’s extremely light weight and set ups in one fluid motion. To date, it’s the most travel worthy crib we’ve ever experienced. Currently, both Target and Amazon sell the crib for $211.



If your travel plans include a myriad of hotel rooms and vacation rentals or if you plan to use this crib with more than one child, BABYBJORN’s Travel Crib Light 2 is a worthwhile investment. If you’re just looking for something extra to keep at grandma’s house for the rare occasional visit, you may want to consider something bulkier with a slimmer price tag.



“Note: This article contains affiliate amazon links.”


BABYBJORN mailed me a Travel Crib Light 2 to facilitate this review. I received no other compensation, and was not required to express any particular point of view.


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