Review of Baby TrendZ FastBack 3-in-1 Car Seat

“I love the FastBack car seat. As a mother of 4 children, I’ve been through my share of car seats and this has to be my favorite . It has so many great & convenient features that make it a great investment that grows with your child.”

 – Rose Van


BabayTrendz Fastback car seat

The Baby Trend FastBack 3-in-1 car seat packs a lot of bang for its buck. There are so many great features to it that make it widely appealing. The FastBack has three different configurations so it literally can grow with your child. I have 3 kids still riding in car seats (ages 2, 5 & 8) and the FastBack fits all 3!

The FastBack can be used as a toddler car seat for children weighing between 22-70 lbs. Once you decide your child no longer needs the harness, simply remove the built-in safety harness and body insert to use it as a high-back booster seat for children weighing between 30-100 pounds. As your child grows in size, you can remove the back using the fold lock levers and releasing the u-bar to use it as a backless booster seat for children weighing between 40-120 pounds.  We tried out all 3 configurations, but since my kids’ weights overlap the configurations, we use the seat as a toddler seat with the harness for my 2-year-old who weighs 32 pounds as well as for my 5-year-old who is 43 pounds and I would use it as a high-back booster for my 8-year old who weighs 60 pounds.

Another innovative feature of the Baby Trend FastBack carseat is that it offers rigid built-in LATCH connectors and a top tether anchor. Just press two buttons at the bottom of the car seat and the lower rigid latch connectors extend. Simply hook them onto your vehicle’s LATCH system, listen for a click to make sure they connect properly, and you’re set. Attach the top tether if desired. I was seriously impressed with how easy it was to install and how tight the fit was. No more fumbling with adjustable belts & trying to get a tight fit for your car seat or having to readjust it constantly as the belt loosens over time. The rigid LATCH guarantees a perfect, secure fit every time. As a mother, this gives me peace of mind knowing that the car seat is properly installed. If you do not have the LATCH system, the Baby Trend FastBack car seat may also be secured using a safe vehicle belt system following the directions in the owner’s manual.

Once installed, additional adjustments may be made as the FastBack has 3 reclining positions. The harness is also easy to adjust using the harness adjustment strap positioned conveniently on the front of the car seat. The only drawback I found with the 5-point harness is that the bottom two buckles are hard to push in. I think it might be easy to think you have engaged the buckles without them being pushed all the way in. Make sure you push until you hear the ‘click’.

My favorite feature of this car seat is the one-touch height adjustment button after which the “FastBack” car seat was named. No more harness re-threading as your child grows. Simply push the height adjustment button and slide the seat back up or down to adjust to the desired height. The adjustable back has eight height positions, so it is very easily customized to your child’s specific height, making for a very secure fit. Since this car seat is now the family favorite, I can easily use the seat for my 2 year old one trip, then adjust it easily to fit my 5-year old the next. The thick layers of EPS & EPP foam that make up the headrest add another layer of protection & provide a comfortable place for little ones to rest their heads as they sleep.

Some other great features of the FastBack include a locking clip, an owner’s manual compartment located right on the car seat, and a place to store the top tether. There is also a cup holder and a media holder, both with tensioners to help your child stay entertained on your drive. The car seat is a stylish neutral color so there is no need to worry about it being too girly or too boyish. The only drawback I found with the FastBack car seat is that it is fairly heavy at around 30 pounds & may be difficult to take on an airplane for trips or to switch between cars. That is easily outweighed by the most important feature of the BabyTredZ FastBack car seat- it exceeds all US government safety recommendations so I can rest easy knowing my child is safely secured, as well as comfortable.

Overall, I love the FastBack car seat. As a mother of 4 children, I’ve been through my share of car seats and this has to be my favorite . It has so many great & convenient features that make it a great investment that grows with your child.

Disclosure: I am a Superoo and received this product in order to conduct an honest and impartial review. All opinions are my own.

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