Review of the Baby Jogger POD

This jogging stroller operates smoothly and folds down neatly for stowing away. Baby Jogger’s POD has a customizable chassis that allows parents to transform their stroller to a jogger or bicycle trailer through conversion kits which are sold separately. If you’re wondering what the heck a chassis is; it’s the picture you see below.


POD’s chassis comes standard with:

•    Rear drum brakes
•    Built in bug screen
•    20″ quick-release pneumatic rear wheels
•    Thick padded bench style seat
•    Adjustable padded 5-point harnesses accommodate one or  two passengers
•    Height adjustable handlebar
•    Rear storage compartment
•    Reflective stitching for increased visibility
•    Rear parking brake
Many of you may remember the song “Smooth Operator” by Sade. Urban Dictionary defines Smooth Operator as someone who can handle multiple situations in a fashion that can only be described as “Awesome, spectacular, and above all else, awesometacular.” Dare I say, it’s entirely possible the British singer-songwriter may have been singing about Baby Jogger’s POD?

The Stroller

POD’s Stroller Kit includes dual 8″ lockable swivel front wheels with suspension. If you can operate your infant’s shape sorter cube, you’ll have no problems converting your POD Chassis into a stroller. Stroller POD is a dream ride with great maneuverability; it’s narrow enough to fit through standard sized doors and the multi position handlebar allows parents of all heights to operate it with ease. The design of the POD is truly excellent. For all that it’s capable of, it’s amazingly uncomplicated and like all baby jogger products, the POD is extremely easy to fold!



The Jogger

Yearning for a Jogging Stroller? POD’s Jogging Kit features a 16″ fixed pneumatic front wheel which easily converts the chassis into a lean, mean running machine. Before I go into more detail, let me preface by saying, I’m able to run longer distances with my son in the POD over my old jogging stroller. For those of you who’d like more detail, I’m happy to elaborate, although I’m quite sure if you’re a runner, you’ve already read what matters;  POD = longer runs.



Infants and young children put a major kink in a running mom’s lifestyle. Without the blissful endorphin rush that comes from a long run, most mothers are left stressed and cranky. With Baby Jogger’s POD, I’m free to literally chase the endorphin dragon while my little guy rests comfortably inside his POD/VIP room fully stocked with toys, electronics, and snacks. Spacious for one child and large enough for two, POD’s side ventilation panels and built in bug screen allows plenty of air to circulate through the cabin while preventing toys from falling out.


The Bicycle Trailer

Searching for a bike trailer? POD’s Trailer Kit converts your chassis into a bicycle trailer with just a few quick and painless steps. Kit includes wheel hitch, tow bar, rear wheel reflectors and safety flag. POD’s reflective materials, bright color, and flag means enhanced visibility and safety. Some other  safety features are:

•    The trailer’s hitch is specifically designed to stay upright, in

case you fall off your bike
•    POD’s bug screen cover protects your child from gravel or

water that your bicycle tires may kick up
•    A hitch safety-strap ensures that the trailer will remain

attached to your bike in the event of a hitch failure
•    While sturdy, POD is lightweight and a breeze to pull


Helmets are recommended for children riding in a bicycle trailer. When not in use, POD folds neatly down for ease of storage. There’s even a fold strap to keep it folded for ease of transportation. POD (Play, Outside, Daily), what’s not to love?


I received a complimentary POD with stroller, jogger, and bicycle trailer conversion kits in order to complete my review. Baby Jogger did not ask that I state a particular opinion. All opinions are my own.

“Note: This article contains affiliate amazon links.”

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