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ArtSee Studio:  Both a free app and an iPad drawing kit equipped with a pen, interactive stamp set, and protective case, the ArtSee truly transforms your iPad into a complete kid-friendly creativity machine.  The brain child of WoWee’s CTO, the studio was originally created as the perfect way to utilize an iPad during long rides in the car.  Testing and development showed that children easily tire of simple drawing, so they worked hard to create an app and studio that keeps kids engaged for long periods of time through the use of interactive animations and games.

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And although the ArtSee Studio definitely keeps the iPad in your child’s hands a bit longer (because they are having so. much. fun!!), it also has answers some of the concerns (and guilt) I often feel letting my children play on my iPad.


  • Because the ArtSee Studio locks into place around the iPad, it offers an extra layer of protection against inadvertent drops.
  • A clever hinged cover slips right over the Home Button, kids can’t navigate into other programs or apps (removing the possibility of deleting or badly injuring precious apps and files).  Older kids can easily move the cover, but they are should be a bit more responsible.


  • In addition to being fun, the ArtSee Studio is educational.  You can be certain that in addition to passing the time, they are learning patterns, symmetry, matching, shapes, and memory games to enhance cognitive development.
  • The ArtSee Studio is an amazing tool to inspire creativity.  Instead of just drawing, kids can animate, add sounds, and bring their creations to life.
  • No batteries or charging for the studio; simply plug in your iPad & play.
  • Three built in themes and five built in games keep kids engaged for long periods time.
  • A hidden parent menu allows you to customize the studio for your child’s age and ability.


  • The plastic does protect the iPad but doesn’t seem exceptionally long-lasting.
  • The interactive tools pop out and in for easy use, but also aren’t connected.  Within three days of using the ArtSee, they had already lost one of the pieces.
  • ArtSee has already released additional themes to be added to the theme lineup, but they do come at an additional cost.
Overall, I highly recommend the ArtSee studio.  It is a great addition to the iPad and my children are absolutely LOVING it!
Take it with you on long car trips, day trips to grandmas, and to use on layovers heading out for long flights.
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