Relief for Haiti – Trekaroo pledges $20 per review

Update (1/24) – When 11:59pm PST rolled around on January 20th, we had received a total of 266 reviews for Haiti. As a result, we’ll be donating $3,000 to Compassion International on behalf of all the reviews shared by our Trekaroo families. Thanks for showing such an outpouring of support for those in Haiti.

Update (1/19) – So far 222 reviews have been written in donation to the Haiti relief efforts!  We have even more exciting news.  One of our generous Trekaroo families has added an additional $1000 to our pledge.  So, we are increasing our pledge for any NEW reviews to $20 until we hit our extended $3000 limit.  Keep writing to help Haiti.

Help Haiti - flickr: XOZ
flickr: XOZ

Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti.  Officials fear more than 100,000 dead in the 7.0 earthquake. Our family sponsors a child in Haiti (Benji, 6 years old) and are hoping for the best.

Trekaroo is pledging to donate $10 to Compassion International for every review written on Trekaroo during the next week (ending 1/20/10, up to a maximum of $2000).

If you’ve got money to spare, here are a few organizations that you can donate to for earthquake relief:

American Red Cross
Donate online:
You can also donate $10 via the Red Cross by sending a text message “HAITI” to “90999” using your mobile phone (charges appear on your phone bill)
Donate online:
Compassion International
Direct Relief International
Mercy Corps
Oxfam America
World Vision
To find more ways to give, check out this list at charity navigator:

Some photos from the Boston Globe here.

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  1. Nina Terheyden

    Our hearts go out to the people in Haiti…to those who survived and to those who were lost….We pray that they all receive the help they need!

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