Reivew Kidz Gear Headphones with Volume Limits

 I can’t tell you how many times I have walked by someone with headphones on and shuddered when I could hear their device as clear as day. I can only imagine what that does to their hearing. When offering a child headphones, you usually run the risk of them turning the volume way up but the Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones helps alleviate this concern by allowing you to adjust the sound directly on the headphones. The Kidz Gear headphones include an inline volume limiter that prevents sound levels from exceeding 90 decibels, which is considered within the safe range for your child’s hearing.

The headset is available in six colors and the earpieces folds up into the headband allowing the size to substantially decrease.  The headset is lightweight, easy for travel, and most importantly works with all devices with the standard 3.5mm plug which means one headset for all your little ones electronics! When I decided I would test the headphones before allowing my 3 year old to have a go, I noticed that the volume controls overrides the device and ensures the sound level does not reach an uncomfortable level. I personally found the ear pieces to be comfortable and blocked background noise making the music I was listening to very clear and crisp.

Kidz Gear Headphones

Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones

Once I was certain the sound was at a preferred level I invited my 3 year old to try to the headset. She happily plugged them into her tablet and began playing. She sat and played quietly for 20 minutes while I was able to pack up the car for a long road trip. This was the longest I had ever seen her use a headset. She previously told me the set that came with her tablet was “too ouchie” and “I don’t like them” but she was comfortable using the Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones.  When it was time to get into the car she was able to hear me speak to her through the headphones, which is nice to know as a parent that your kids are not totally disconnected from the surrounding world.

The only drawback to the device that I have found is the cord: although it was just long enough to reach the front seat to the back seat of the car, it was too long for my 3 year old to walk with while holding her game. The length of the cord was also an issue while she was in the car seat as it wrapped all around her tablet. I would suggest a Velcro strap similar to those used on a laptop power supply to manage this situation.

Overall, I feel the Kidz Gear Volume Limit Headphones worked great for my 3 year old; they were comfortable, easy to use, and safe for her hearing. In the past week we have used the headphones almost every day while in the car and at home. It has made for nice drives during this busy holiday season and I have even been able to get shopping done with a 3 year old, which is almost a miracle. I would recommend this product to anyone with kids 3 years old and up to use with their electronic devises.


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