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If you think kid’s resort entertainment programs are all the same, here’s one that will change your mind! When you think of visiting an all-inclusive resort, do your thoughts turn to worries about whether or not your kids will have fun? About whether or not there’s enough to do to entertain everyone in the family? I know mine do. When you’re spending your hard-earned money and using precious vacation time, you want to be relatively sure you’re headed somewhere that offers both kids and adults (and even Grandparents if you’re traveling with them) something of value.  Fortunately you’ll get that and more at the Palladium line of hotels through their exciting new feature: Play at Palladium with RAGGS!

Play at Palladium with RAGGS

You may be familiar with RAGGS if you have little ones. He has his own live action, Emmy-award-winning TV show and shares the stage with four of his fellow canine friends. The RAGGS TV show was originally produced in Australia, and can now be viewed in the United States in both English (on public TV) and Spanish (on Telemundo). RAGGS began his existence rather humbly in Charlotte, North Carolina in the carpool circuit of Toni Steedman. She created the character to entertain her young daughter and friends. Soon the dog and his cohorts began to take on a life of their own. The pups became musical, went on adventures, had fun, and became lovable life-sized friends. Fast forward to 2013 where RAGGS and his friends have made their way on to television, the stage, and into the hearts of children near and far. These lovable characters now appear exclusively at Palladium’s Riviera Maya, Riviera Nayarit, Punta Cana, and Montego Bay locations. I had the pleasure of meeting them at the Riviera Maya Palladium where I was able to experience them up close and personal.

What can you expect from Play at Palladium with RAGGS? Upon arrival at the resort, posters and signs featuring RAGGS and friends alert guests to the program and offer kids a sign of the fun to come. I loved the fact that the characters are brightly colored and looked soft and cuddly – perfect for kids to see as soon as they enter the hotel. Once settled in, kids can find RAGGS at places like the Kid’s Club or the pool where he’s happy to offer up a hug, a low-five (right at kid level), or dance along with his toe-tapping song list. Trust me, once you hear the songs (the CD is available for purchase at the hotel shops), you’ll be singing them yourself, they’re that catchy! As the week progresses, you can join the characters for scheduled events such as Pido’s Surf Party where all ages can don grass skirts, tropical shirts, and leis and do the limbo with the characters. The music and the fun get kids up and involved in dancing and strutting about! The kids I saw were having a ball moving around and joining the pups for a sing-songing, dance-alonging good time!

Other events include the Kids Pirate Show where pesky pirates crash the dogs’ beach party planning. Together with the pups, the kids try to get rid of the pirates, only to happily learn that in the end they all want the same thing – to sing and dance and have fun together. The show is a great nighttime entertainment experience where families can gather after dinner and watch together. Kids from toddler-aged to older grade-school aged kids were equally mesmerized by the arrival of the pirates, and they had fun shooing them away (Aaaarrrggghhh!). The staff was wonderful at including the audience in the fun so that everyone felt part of the experience. Later in the evening, an adult pirate themed show is offered, so that even Moms and Dads have something to look forward to. For a fee, babysitting is available if you’d like some time to yourself while the little ones nod off to sleep. How awesome is that?!

Breakfast with RAGGS and Friends

The crème-de-la-crème for me was the Breakfast with RAGGS and Friends event which usually takes place midweek. You’ll need to make a reservation but there is no fee. You simply show up! I’m sure you’ve been to a character breakfast or two in your time, so you know they aren’t always much to talk about, especially in the food department. Breakfast with RAGGS and Friends blows those other experiences (at least the ones I’ve had) right out of the water. The breakfast is under a covered location with pretty, lush greenery. It is clean, and decorated with the bright colors of the RAGGS characters. The catchy, toe-tapping songs play in the background (and by now you know all of the words and can sing along). Several of the characters quietly go table to table greeting guests and posing for pictures. The characters are gentle dogs and never seem to approach if a child is afraid, which is great, as youngsters can often be intimidated by costumed characters. It was cute to see the kids come up to RAGGS and Trilby and hug them or pet them and pose for pictures. I also noticed the smiles from parents who appreciated that their kids were enjoying the experience and would have something to talk about when they left.

The best part of the whole thing? The food didn’t stink! Not only did it not stink, it was beautiful. No runny eggs or limp pancakes and limited gourmet choices. This breakfast was convenient, free of cost, and a work of art. It was truly a sight to be seen with pastries made to look like the dogs, carved fruit, cupcakes decorated with painstaking attention to detail, and pancakes and egg dishes that were so cute you hated to eat them (but when you did they were delicious). When have you been to a kids character breakfast with food that looked as good as it tasted? Yea, me neither! If you go to the Palladium with your kids, make sure you sign up early to attend the fabulous Breakfast with RAGGS and Friends event.

Family Friendly Palladium Line of Hotels

All in all I found my experience meeting RAGGS and his friends to be very entertaining and fun. The staff is as excited as you will be to show your kids the good times they can have around the resort with the help of these cute, lovable, and fun-loving pups. Palladium hotels really understand families – because they’re run by a family, and they’ve taken steps to insure there’s something to do for everyone in your group, especially the kids. Through the introduction of RAGGS, the Palladium company has proven it is truly committed to providing an exceptional experience for families vacationing. The staff understand that when your kids are happy, you’re happy – and better able to enjoy your time away. What a wonderful concept!

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Disclosure:  My lodging while at Palladium Riviera Maya as well as some restaurants and activities were complimentary. I received no other compensation and the business owners did not state any requirements that I express a particular point of view. The opinions I express are entirely my own.
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