Race to the Alamo Day 3

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Day 3 of the Race to the Alamo was a whirlwind! We had so much fun competing and running all over San Antonio. We are sad to see the race rounds come to an end but excited because 40% of the total score depends on your votes and we know you will vote for Team Trekaroo because the Trekaroo community is built on families supporting one another.

We are exhausted from three days of competition in the scorching Texas heat so this recap is going to be a quick rundown of the days events.

Challenge 1: We headed to Mission San Jose, part of the National Park Service, and made this 1 minute video about highlighting a few tidbits and encouraging families to visit.

Watch Team Trekaroo’s Mission San Jose Video

Then we asked our readers to watch the video (and you asked your friends, family, and neighbors to watch the video) because whichever team had the most Youtube views for their video by 3:30 CST would win the challenge.  Your votes helped us tie for first on this challenge. The Youtube robots froze both Trekaroo and the green team’s votes at 300 because you wonderful people were voting so much that the robot was concerned you might be spammers!

Challenge 2: This one definitely was not expected- we had a bonsai competition!  We were given a short demonstration at Bonsai Arbor by artist Sherry Disdier on how to shape a bonsai tree and then we had 15 minutes to shape our own trees. It felt a bit odd racing when bonsai is traditionally a very slow and spiritual process, but we did our best with the trees we were given. My tree seemed to be particularly bushy and could have used more trimming than the 15 minutes allowed.  The bad news was that we came in third according to the official bonsai judging. The orange team won the challenge and really did do a great job with their trees. The good news was that we got to take home our trees which live for decades if properly taken care of.  I am thrilled that Michelle and I will each having a living reminder of the crazy experience in San Antonio that we had together.

Challenge 3: This challenge brought us to the Buckhorn, a quirky eatery that features hundreds of mounted animals on the walls and a museum with more difffernt mounted creatures and oddities upstairs. We were given a two page list of questions and had to find the answers in scavenger hunt fashion. Michelle and I broke up the list and ran around finding answers. This was my kind of challenge! We ended up doing a great job and finished well ahead of the other two teams. It felt great to win the challenge and enjoy our lunch at Mi Tierra.

Challenge 4: The final challenge of the day was a two part challenge filled with excitement, stress, and fun. We rode up the elevator to the observation deck of the 750-foot Tower of the Americas. As soon as the doors opened, we all ran and scattered in search of the three clues which were hidden in different locations on the deck. The orange team found their envelope quickly and raced back to the elevator to get back on their bus and head to the Alamo. As the orange team waited for the elevator, the green team found their envelope and from what we are told, an epic foot race occurred on the ground floor as the two teams raced to the buses. Meanwhile, a very panicked Team Trekaroo ran around desperately wondering where the third envelope could possibly be hidden. Luckily, Michelle found our envelope and we made the next elevator down to the ground level. We ran to the bus and discovered the details of part two.

Part two of the final challenge was epic. We had 17 1/2 minutes to gather as many people as possible to join our conga line in front of the the Alamo while samba musicians played a great beat and women danced in traditional samba costumes, adding color to our line. We decided to have Michelle lead our line, crazy headdress and all, while I ran around and recruited participants. The other two teams had the advantage of already finding the most willing participants in the crowd to join their line so I had to do quite a bit of begging and pleading to convince folks to head out into the 100 degree sun and dance. The most important part of this challenge was deciding at what point to take a picture. We  were only allowed to snap one picture and it would serve as our final dancer count. After recruiting some teenage boys to reluctantly join our line, I knew we needed to just quickly snap the picture before some of our first dancers got too tired in the heat and abandoned the line. Amazingly, we ended up with 29 wonderful dancers, who helped us come from behind and end up in second place for the challenge! It was the perfect way to finish our Race to the Alamo and a blast to dance around to the samba music and celebrate such a wonderful experience in San Antonio. As nice as it would have been to stick around and go inside the Alamo, we were all suffering from heat and decided to head back to our air conditioned hotel rooms and wait for dinner and the results.

I am thrilled to announce that Team Trekaroo tied for 1st for day three!!!! It was a great way to end the racing portion of the competition and has set us up perfectly for the voting portion of the Race to the Alamo. We appear to currently be leading in the vote so please continue to vote daily for Team Trekaroo to help win the title and give yourself a shot at winning the grand prize trip to San Antonio.


Disclosure: All travel, lodging, meals, activities, and an iPad are being provided by the San Antonio Visitors Bureau so that Michelle and I can compete in the Race to the Alamo. No monetary compensation is being provided and Visit San Antonio did not ask that any specific opinions about their destination be mentioned. All opinions about San Antonio and the Race to the Alamo are those of Michelle and I and reflect our honest opinion of both the destination and the experience.

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    Congrats on Day 3 of the Race to the Alamo, Team Trekaroo. What a crazy day of challenges. You Rock! Thanks for making us proud.

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