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How is it that when you get a bunch of kids at a playground, it doesn’t matter if they know each other or not, somehow after a little while they all begin playing together like they’ve known each other their whole lives? I always marvel at this at our local playgrounds and it’s one reason why we always seek out playgrounds when we travel too. I’ve found many of the playgrounds we’ve visited around the world because of other travelers on Instagram or Pinterest and by messaging bloggers I follow in cities that we’re visiting to see where their families love to play. I love that the family travel community is so supportive and bloggers are always willing to share posts of their favorite playgrounds, coffee shops, and must-sees in their city if you ask!

Here are some of my family’s favorite playgrounds around the world!

Seattle, Washington

Explore the Seattle artists playground in downtown Seattle

If you come to Seattle where my family lives I’d tell you to visit Artists at Play, a relatively new playground in the heart of our city. It’s in Seattle Center where there are great museums and a monorail that connects to downtown shopping and restaurants too! This playground is even better now that La Marzocca, a fabulous coffee shop, has opened up nearby so when we’re groggily watching the kids climb to near Space Needle heights on weekend mornings, we have coffee in hand and everyone is happy.

Vancouver, British Columbia

terra nova adventure park in british columbia
Photo Courtesy of the City of Richmond, BC
About a three-hour drive to the north near Vancouver is another amazing playground called Terra Nova in Richmond, British Columbia. This is a really natural feeling park with a giant slide and kid-sized zipline near a picturesque dyke. There are many coffee shops and delicious restaurants within a short driving distance. Parks that have great local eateries or tourist attractions nearby are so convenient for family travel so we often try to find playgrounds near places we want to see in a city.

Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

McEuen Park in Coeur d'Alene Idaho offers fun for families
Photo Courtesy of the city of Coeur d’Alene
In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho there is a fantastic park structure in the heart of the city. This modern playground on a lakefront park has an excellent climbing structure and a huge water park area. It is also near a hiking trail, the library, and restaurants so it’s easy to make this park a whole day event. It is truly one of those perfect parks that you can build a whole day of a trip’s itinerary around. Spending time in a free play space like a playground or park can also help reduce trip costs when traveling with kids.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Playgrounds in Copenhagen, Denmark are fantastically themed and great for families
Farther afield, if you’re thinking of playgrounds abroad, Denmark has a Pinterest playground paradise. Denmark is home to a playground design group called Monstrum and I love checking their site before we travel anywhere to see if they have playgrounds in the places we go. One of the most fabulous playgrounds we saw in Copenhagen was called Faelledparken and it has a gorgeous mirror building and climbable replicas of five of Copenhagen’s famous towers. This is such a neat playground for kids and I wish we had something like this one in my city!

Tokyo, Japan

The Hakone Bubble Playground in Japan is a must-see for families with young kids
Tokyo also has some fabulously photogenic playgrounds. There was an iconic playground circling around on Pinterest a few years ago that you can no longer visit in Hakone full of colorful rainbow ropes (which I sadly discovered was closed forever when we arrived at the Open Air Museum in May 2016) but you can still find an amazing glass bubble playground at this site and the whole Hakone area is fabulously kid-friendly and grown-up friendly too. After the park, check out these 10 fun things to do in Tokyo with kids.

London, England

The Diana Memorial Playground in London, England boasts a pirate-ship theme
Most recently, I have my eyes set on seeing the Diana Memorial playground in London. I’ve seen it pictured on Instagram and I am excited to see my guys play on the giant pirate ship structure when we head to London next week. I’ll be sure to tag my photo #trekarooing when I get there so you can see it too! Does anyone else love to visit places you see in pictures?
Childhood seems so fleeting and I’m realizing that my 8-year-old twin boys might only have a short time left where playgrounds will still seem magical. We would love to hear of any must-visit playgrounds in your city or that you’ve found on your travels while trekarooing. Who knows what kind of childhood memories and spontaneous friendships these places will inspire?

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Terumi Pong lives in Seattle with her husband and twin seven-year-old boys and travels often to Vancouver, BC to see family and friends. She has a weakness for animals, coffee shops, cute stores and can find a tasty bakery anywhere in the world. When she's not driving between lessons and sports games, she adventures the world with her family and she blogs about their finds at www.anemeraldcitylife.com and you can find her on Instagram @helloterumi too.
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  1. Jordan

    What a cool post! Your kids will definitely love the Princess Diana Playground in London. One tip: go in the morning. It can often be packed in the afternoon – and they actually cap the number of kids that can be there at any given time, so on sunny weekend afternoons there is usually a line (though it moves pretty fast).

    Your kids are of the age that they might really enjoy Lupo and the Secret of Windsor Castle – which actually mentions the Princess Diana Playground – as well as several other classic London sights – http://www.withkids.world/lupo-and-the-secret-of-windsor-castle/

    Other awesome London playgrounds: Battersea Park, Jubilee Gardens (near the Eye), and Ravenscourt Park (in West London / Chiswick).

    You might find this guide on where to eat in London with Kids useful as well: http://www.withkids.world/where-to-eat-in-london-with-kids/

    Have fun!

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