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Photo Friday- It’s Snowing in Southern California!

My nieces and nephews are experts at seasons as they have lived all over the United States and Germany on various military posts.  They assure me that our family, living in temperate (and perfect) Southern California does not know what cold, fall, or winter means.  As a proud native of California I have to beg to differ.  It snowed on our nature walk today!  Granted, we were in our shorts and t-shirts in October and the sun was shining through the haze, making the 70 degrees feel like 80, but I saw snow flurries!  At least, we pretended like we saw snow flurries!

We took a nature walk in October along the Newport Back Bay after spending a great and educational time in the Muth Interpretive Center.

My son has been sneezing in his bed all afternoon as a direct result of the fun we had gently shaking the coyote bush to send it’s seed pods floating on the breeze.  They swirled together in bunches on the ground, at the whim of the wind, and it really looked like snow drifts on the ground.

Seasons are changing are all around us if we just stop to look and notice.  After several nature walks during different seasons I am so proud to notice that the Indian Sagebrush that I love for it’s smell are sprouting buds or berries, or something that made it look different.  The Black Sagebrush’s dry fall seed pods make it look like a plant out of a Dr Seuss book with it’s cluster of balls on a skinny stem.  On a recent hike in O’Neill Regional Park, we noticed the browns of seed pods, blooming yellow flowers and cool air which convinced us that fall does come to Southern California!  It  just looks very different than a New England fall.

Happy to be participating in Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday.



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  1. Ann October 31, 2011 at 2:43 pm #

    Awesome pictures and great timing. I’ll remember that next time my kiddos blow seeds all over!

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