Paws Up Ranch with the Go To Mom

Here’s another episode of The Go To Mom. Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA MFT, and founder of www.TheGoToMom.TV shares her family’s love of the Sony cyber-shot and experiences at the Paws Up Ranch in Montana.

How often can your family unplug?

When we give our kids opportunities to engage with nature, ride horses, have treasure hunts, and shoot with bow and arrows, we find our kids don’t really want to get on the iPad or watch TV.  To help aid our unplugged vacation, we headed to the Big Sky Country of Montana to the Paws Up Ranch.   I had the pleasure of visiting with Beth, the founder of We had never heard of the term ‘glamping,’ so when we saw the 5-star tents with modern amenities, we were taken!

The Resort at Paws Up offers an up close and personal Montana experience coupled with pure luxury. Surrounded by endless forests, intersected by 10 miles of the Blackfoot River, and nestled under the biggest sky you’ve ever seen, Paws Up is a 37,000-acre canvas of picture-perfect Montana that you won’t experience at any other Montana resorts.  Both our families fell in love with this state and the simplicity of outdoor living. The kids rarely got in fights and their wonderment was endless.

 Disclosure: Kimberly Blaine received a complimentary camera from Sony in order to film this episode of TheGoToMom.

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